Top Ten Ways Walmart Fails on Sustainability

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This week, Walmart released its annual sustainability report. But as we’ve discussed before, Walmart’s quest for sustainability is more of a greenwashing PR campaign than an effective solution to the company’s environmental problems.

To help cut through the PR, Food and Water Watch and the Institute for Local Self-Reliance released a fact sheet this week, detailing ten ways Walmart is failing on sustainability.

1. Selling Shoddy Products
2. Reducing Waste According to Who?
3. Lagging on Renewable Energy
4. Increasing Greenhouse Gases
5. Voraciously Consuming Land
6. Financing Anti-Environment Candidates
7. Consolidating & Industrializing Food Production
8. Redefining Local
9. Degrading Organic
10. Spreading Poverty

The list highlights things we’ve talked about on this site and great research by Stacy Mitchell at the Institute for Local Self Reliance as well as Food and Water Watch’s own work on Walmart and the food system. To read more about Walmart’s failure on sustainability, you can find the full bulletin on the Top Ten Ways Walmart Fails on Sustainability here.


  1. livebiznews says:

    Big stores that pave over natural areas are never going to be good for the enivronment. That’s not what they were designed for and we just need to stop supporting them. Barter, do urban gardening and buy only what you need.

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