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  1. caroline good says:

    I remember seeing Sam Walton in TV commercials and saying: “I will never sell anything in my store that is not made in the USA.” Now you sell nothing but. You purchase items made by people that are basically slave laborers. The quality of many items has improved from China, but they still were better made when they were made in the USA. The people here need jobs, they don’t need poor quality items that I’m sure none of the Waltons who are profiting would touch with a ten foot pole.

    The idea that six (6) of your family members have 30% of the wealth of the US is disgusting, while you send your associates to have to file for food stamps and government provided healthcare.

    How you can stand to look at yourselves in the mirror each day is beyond me. I know one thing, I can look at myself in the mirror because I wouldn’t touch your store, or your merchandise with a ten foot pole

  2. lee kowal says:

    I cannot imagine how these people sleep at night, knowing they are gouging Americans this way. A. they don’t pay them enough, and B. they profit because their junk is so cheap that poor people go there to buy things. What a perfect circle…..for them. And they do the same with the vendors in China….not that I am happy that they buy 97% of their articles from China and have single handedly raised the economy of China and not America….and they gouge the vendors there too. I have zero respect for them as human beings or entrepreneurs.

  3. Charlene Fluder says:

    I have never set foot in a Walmart or Sam’s Club store, and I never will, as long as these greedheads continue their present policies. NO ONE amasses this kind of wealth without doing serious harm to many, many people along the way. The only thing that differentiates the Waltons (and other corporate greedheads) from common thugs and thieves is the breathtaking scale on which they are able to perpetrate their crimes.

  4. michael says:

    Stop and think about the problems in your life. Is walmart responsible for them? No, YOU are. Stop blaming others. If you wanted it bad enough, you could do better than you do right now. If you work at Wal-Mart and hate your job and feel like you’re not getting paid enough, then find another job and be resourceful. Don’t wait for the government to take away other people’s money and give it to you. Figure something out yourself. Use the brain you have, find out what your skills are, and apply yourself and be willing to work hard. Then you don’t have to spend your time and energy wishing you were richer, and trying to get other people’s money taken away from them because it’s not ‘fair’ for them to have so much. Like it or not, they have that much and they shouldn’t be expected to just hand it over.

  5. cindy says:

    Caroline I remember the saying “what has that got to do with the price of tea in China” unfortunatley today it has everything to do with the price of everything and how America got in the mess she’s is in.
    Michael you my dear sir are to ignorant to know the difference.

  6. Chuck says:

    I and my wife bith work for Wal-Mart. We have been with them for over 13 years. If you are willing to worh hard and do your job, you will be able to make a good living. All the people that put Wal-Mart down are the people that want everything just handed to them and now willing to work for their money. I have goon insurance both medical and life. I also have money to put in to my 401k. If you can’t make it on what walmart is paying you then get a second job and get to work. There are a lot of people that have 2 and 3 jobs to make it. I am 51 now and for the first 20 years of my working life I had 2 or more jobs to get my family what we needed. So shut up and get to work and quit blaming everyone else for your probblems

  7. Guy says:

    I just pulled off the freeway in rush-hour Southern California, shaken by my anger as I stood in traffic behind a WalMart truck with their logo and “save money – live better” tag line, and realized how the 1% has fooled us, the American public by such broad half-truths. Of course if you personally can be thrifty with your money you will have some left to save or spend on other things – BUT if you do it at the expense of American jobs your gain will be short lived and the only ones coming out winners in the long run will be the 1%. This is exactly what we have seen in the economic downturn and we will see worse to come if nothing is done to stop them. While the Walton 1% enjoys an extraordinarily lavish lifestyle I break my back each day as I slip from middle class to poor (my earnings have fallen 50% in five years and my work hours have almost doubled). I am single and rent so I pay around 30% I’m federal and state taxes combined, some of which goes to support rank-and-file Walmart workers through the welfare programs they and their families need to survive. It is economically unsustainable and socially immoral and has to be changed.

    I searched “1% economic lies” and was ultimately heartened to see many others feel the way I do.

  8. Barbara frost says:

    I feel sorry for the all the Walton’s because in spite of all their great wealth they are spiritually impoverished! How could it be otherwise? Their actions speak volumes of the condition of their souls may God touch their poor black withered hearts and show them there is more to life than money. I will keep them in my prayers they need enlightenment , more than the bottom 33 percent.

  9. Illiad says:

    @Michael, sure let me just quit my job and go to my money tree in the back yard so I can pay my bills AND go to school. Or better yet I can just go to my job tree and pick one of those. The bills can wait and my family can wait, I don’t have time to work, I’m too busy using my brain and being resourceful in finding a job.

    Open your eyes, this isn’t Disney, this is the Walmart Reality. People ended up working at Walmart BECAUSE they were looking for jobs. Now they’re stuck constantly fighting to pay bills and rent and food (basic human rights, shelter, running water, and food) and have no time to go look for another job or learn new skills because they have to work to live.

    I guess that makes them brainless and greedy for wanting a better life.

    In short, you’re pathetic.

  10. Charles Henry says:

    I remember reading about the times Sam Walton would spend his time on the road while he tried building his business. Many of days were spent away from his family as he chased his dream. I’m sure there were many other fathers who chose a career that allowed for them to be home all the time. People choose their paths in life and it amazes me to see how everyone gets jealous when someone becomes successful. I am currently building my business and I’ve had plenty of friends make fun of the effort while they work their 9-5 jobs. I guess my success will eventually turn these naysayers into future enemies and jealous people who will say I don’t deserve my success. It’s a big world out there, if you don’t like Walmart, don’t shop there and don’t work there.

  11. JP says:

    Corporate thugs. Charles Henry, if you make your money ,otherwise know as success in this country,using the same tactics and business practices as Walmart, I’m sure you can count on the same criticism, and you would deserve it. These people want one thing, and that’s your money, and they’ll get it. What Sam Walton did or didn’t do to start Walmart has very little if anything to do with this huge thug company today.

  12. Susan says:

    These people want to dismantle the public schools, and replace them with for-profit charter schools that employ unqualified teachers who make ten dollars an hour teaching the dumbed down Common Core curriculum. Further, they want to buy and sell student data, which is now legal because the federal government changed the privacy laws (FERPA). They are donating money to school board races across the country to take them over.

    I guess it’s not enough to inherit 100 billion dollars. They now need to use our public schools as an income stream for themselves even if it turns America into a third world country.

  13. Glenda says:

    The point that I think many Americans miss is that Walmart managed to build its business in American. It used American taxpayer paid for roads to haul its goods, American taxpayer paid for schools to educate its workers, American military and police forces to protect its right to have a business. The failure to give a decent wage to its workers is a violation of the unwritten expectation of a society. If minimum wage had risen to match inflation and profits it would be around 22 dollars right now. Where did the other 13-14 dollars go? We all know that answer as we subsidize them further by providing basic needs like food and medical care to the workers they have failed to treat with simple dignity. Unfortunatelly, many other corporations are also guilty of this and that is what happened to the middle class.

  14. Bill says:

    They suffer from “Marie Antoinetteism” Let then eat cake. Although Marie never actually said that it is a good way to understand how the Walton’s sleep at night while the people who support them are homeless and on welfare & food stamps.

  15. John says:

    Walmart makes money by pitting one group of the working poor against another, both nationally and internationally. Most people don’t understand that one person’s low prices is another person’s low wages. But it doesn’t have to be that way. COSTCO has low prices but pay their hourly workers very well. Similarly, when I worked at Home Depot they offered tuition assistance to even part time workers.
    They are opening a new Walmart in my town, Old Bridge, NJ. Those applying for jobs there need to be educated and motivated to get in the door of the new store with the goal of organizing the hourly associates.

  16. Ed says:

    I came to this site via Google seeking information about Wal-Mart because of the DC living wage fiasco. I’m a rabid capitalist and I don’t begrudge the family making their money. I understand the questions of wages are a little bit more complex than saying Wal-Mart should pay more because the Waltons are wealthy.

    I also shop at Wal-Mart and don’t think they are inherently bad. However as with anything in life there is a balance. Being worth a collective $93 Billion comes with some responsibility. I hope the Walton family recognizes their blessings and act accordingly or they will face a backlash.

  17. Alexander says:

    I’m going to say something. Many of you won’t like it, plenty won’t believe it. I am in the 1 percent. Anyone who
    Supports what we do is filled with false hope. The American dream is dead, we know how to keep our wealth, and will let very few rise to our heights. But we dangle that hope and plenty sacrifice their well being because they think they are special. That they will outpace the rest of you. Think about it, impoverished republicans clambering about how they believe in capitalism, how they hate welfare, social medicine. Yet they are the ones who go without. Keep posting about it. I’m going to go back to not listening to the huddled masses choking on their own inadequecies.

  18. wayne says:

    Walmart has done more than any one to move jobl out of the usa than any goverment acts. An american co got contracts with walmart to fill there orders, than walmart with there powering bying said we can get it made cheaper , so the supply cos move to china to get cheep labor and keep there contracts. This is good business for the co but puts americans out of jobs. and more cos that supply walmart out of the usa.,but we cont. to buy from walmart becuse it is cheaper. Americans got caught up in the same as cos moving out of usa. Walmart has done more in reduceing the american way more than any company ever did. I do admire the Walton family for there great manageing abulitys. If our goverment had the same manageing abulity as walmart we would all be rich as the Waltons.The last and most inporant is Walmart employees almost all have gov. asst. as thay do not make enouth money to support there family,so Walmart has contribted more to forceing employees into gov. asst. than any other com in america and that has cost american taxpayer billins. I cont to buy at Walmart same as the other millions of shoppers,we are all caught in the Walmart trap.along with the gov. trap we are in. This will lead us all to become a third world countery.

  19. Josey says:

    I do not think of Walmart as the “Bad” guy. My relatives work for walmart, and they have good solid jobs and they pay better than other retail operations in this area.. I think if there was not a Walmart, prices in stores would be much higher. They have provided competition across the country, and are still generally lower than many of the stores locally. The produce is fresher, Stores are usually cleaner, And uniform in service. I visited a Walmart store in Arkansas in 1984. It was the first one I was in. I thought then, they had quite an interesting store, and still do. They reflect us. And provide an affordable place to shop. cvs, walgreens, rite aid, dollar general, family dollar, IGA, Piggly Wiggly, Shoppers Choice, Eagle, etc. pay the same if not less than walmart to the clerks and shelf stockers. Could they stand to pay employees more? Yes they could. all of them could. But they also do a service for our communities as well.

  20. Zaxxon451 says:

    Josey, sorry but Wal-Mart has been relying on the government too long to support their depressed wages. It’s time to require a living wage for the working class. Parasite corporations like Wal-Mart are dependent on the government to provide their employees with the basic necessities.

  21. middleclassgirl says:

    The only way to stop Walmart and it can be done is to stop shopping there period. Don’t go there and sooner or later they will go away with all their blood money. These people use third world people who have died on the job due to poor safety conditions and live in extreme poverty working for Walmart, hey but that’s okay as long as the Waltonsare billionaires who cares about the lowlies. Instead of feeling jealous for them we should feel sorry for them, they are with the devil and no amount of money will save them from hell . I mean is your soul worth any amount of money? The answer is NO!

  22. middleclassgirl says:

    At least they cannot buy a ticket to heaven. The only way to get into heaven is to be a good person with a good soul, which they are not . Money is their God and that is only good for this world. Too bad so sad for them!

  23. Ben says:

    Supply and demand is a concept i think the less educated populace needs to study and understand. If the market rate of wages for a given job are higher than what Walmart is paying, then Walmart will not be able to get employees at their wage rate and will have to pay more. Evidently the market rate is what Walmart is paying, because from my standpoint, Walmart is staffed with employees. Why are Wmt employees not exiting in mass to all of the “enlightened” companies who pay more. I think common sense, if anyone is actually open to using that, shows that Walmart is paying market, or they wouldn’t be able to staff the stores.

    When you find the jobs that these underpaid employees can go to, please, please, please encourage them to take them. Good luck though, other than probable one off exceptions, I don’t think you’ll find them, but please feel free to make me eat my words. I’m open.

  24. suneel kumar degala says:

    Providing education to the people is good concept.

  25. suneel kumar degala says:

    I pray god that My friend Mr. Lukas walton should stand in top position in the world.

  26. suneel kumar degala says:

    I pray god that, give good health to all the above family members and i request that i want to be a good family member with the people live u and a good friend to mr. Lukas walton which i will be ever greatefull to u.

  27. Robert says:

    I think Chuck is a paid commentor – just like they had people posing as employees at strikes.

    And Chuck, Teabonics spelling aside, if Walmart pays so well, and one can make such a good living, then why would one need to get a second job?? One job at 40 hours a week should be enough for everyone to get by, theoretically.

  28. Thomas says:

    I used to comment and argue with people on these messages boards, but I’m getting older now and understand that it is of no use. The problem is that the majority of you are duped. You have been duped by politicians who want you to vote for them. You have been duped so often that it angers you to see the truth. Here’s the hard truth: you are where you are because you decided to be there. Don’t blame anyone else for where you are. I personally have had great success despite growing up in poverty and dropping out of high school so I can smoke pot and play guitar. Somewhere along the line, I decided to be something more. I worked crappy fast food jobs and got my GED. I worked two crappy jobs and paid for a degree while sacrificing the time I could have fun with my coworkers. Once I finished my degree, I worked a much better job where my employer paid for my advanced degrees. Now, I will retire early and never have to worry about money.
    I didn’t work at Walmart, but a relative of mine worked his butt off to move from a $6 an hour night job to a six-figure management position. When he returned to his hometown, he saw the same guy with whom he started the same job, working the same job they did when they started. The guy with whom he started made the decision to come in every day and do what he could to avoid being fired so he could go home and have fun. It’s fine. He made that choice. Just don’t blame someone else for his struggles. If one makes mistake in life, ask for help and someone will help. But turn off the TV, study, and work hard to rectify it and don’t blame others.
    Like I said earlier, I used to make comments like this, but I expect few of you to listen. Why? Because many of you would rather call the people on this list evil without knowing them because it helps justify your position, just like many of you will disregard what I say because it invalidates your position. You love politicians who tell you that people are where they are because someone else put them there and you hate to be proven wrong.

  29. Merilee says:

    THOMAS, Your comments show great ignorance, and that sadly, you are the one duped– by that ignorance!!! Understandably I guess, but now that your entire existence does not have to be that of an apparently bitter worker bee, you really should educate yourself! Watch a little film called ¨IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE¨. If you root for the banker, the soulless, lying, greedy WORTHLESS sack of poisoned garbage-then you can defend the soulless, lying, greedy WORTHLESS, poisonous Walton clan. Yes, ironically they have billions and are WORTHLESS humans! They have company–the Koch brothers, who are nazi heirs, and several others born with silver spoons and wiped with dollar bills, like Bush, Trump and basically all the billionaires who never had to work for it-having it when they were born! The ones who REALLY work for it and get so incredibly wealthy are usually very WORTHY people who enjoy giving back to the people who make them so filthy rich. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and many other SELF made billionaires enjoy spreading wealth… and helping people to become educated and help themselves!!! The Waltons, Kochs, and every other Greed Over People billionaire could make the world better-but choose to be anti-Christs, (all that he stood for!) and actively make it worse! If you do see this movie, you will not wish to live in POTTERSVILLE (the ugly, angry, dirty, poverty and crime infested creation of the worthless banker Mr. Potter). That is what the Waltons, and their fellow spoiled and soulless, worthless, money-worshiping, power-hungry gang want to create. A world where YOU, AND MANY OF US WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO AFFORD COLLEGE!! Bedford Falls, is a community where neighbors care for one another, help one another, and give back. It is a much better and happier place to live-before Potter figures out how to steal everyone’s money and opportunity for betterment. The grotesque banker Potter is evidently the role model for these worthless money grubbing dirt-bag billionaires!! Only the decent, good guy, and every-man played by Jimmy Stewart sees his evil-and so works to STOP HIM! RE: ¨ many of you would rather call the people on this list evil without knowing them…¨ __ that is a TOTALLY ignorant statement! WE DO KNOW, AND WE KNOW EXACTLY HOW THEY ARE EVIL AND THE EVIL THEY DO!! No one would be calling them evil if they didn’t destroy American jobs by selling almost only MADE IN CHINA FOR SLAVE LABOR (so they can make even mooooore profits muahahahahhaaha) drain the economy by paying such poverty wages that their workers need govt. assistance to EAT – and since they buy food at Walmart- that W family gets to gobble up welfare money WHILE BEING -MULTI-MULTI-BILLIONAIRES TOO! They don’t pay their taxes, further crippling the economy-they want to OWN and stifle the education system…they take absolutely no responsibility for having ethical business practices no matter WHO they hurt or destroy…and in my book ALL that is pretty darned evil!! Last time I checked Costco payed their employees around $15.00 an hour and their profits were still HUGE!! The decency and morals of the Walton family power members is non-existent.

  30. Thomas says:

    Merilee, thank you for your advice. I have seen “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and I think it’s a wonderfully inspirational movie. I don’t think however, watching movies are the best way to become educated. Judging from the content of your post, I assume you believe Avatar and Titanic are educational as well – especially because of their two-dimensional representation of “the rich”. This representation fits nicely in the narrative that has been written to garner support from people who would rather blame others than take responsibility for their own failures. From being educated by movies like these, you and many others have learned that “the rich” are evil without asking yourself whether human beings, rich or poor, are so easily categorized as good or evil. I think better advice would be learning from experience – stepping out of the movie theater and traveling the world. Witness the amazing potential of entrepreneurship in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. But, I assume that you have an uninformed two-dimensional view of people in these countries.

    Amazingly, you also use Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates as examples of self-made billionaires. Are you suggesting then that with hard work, someone could be a billionaire? Doesn’t that go against everything the labor movement is about? Doesn’t that suggest that even a Walmart employee has the opportunity to be successful? Do I have to remind you that Sam Walton has been credited as working harder than almost anyone and achieved success that most on Wall Street thought was unlikely for someone they considered a backwards hillbilly? If success is possible for these three examples, are you suggesting Walmart employees are less than these people? Are you arguing that I am wrong to suggest that anyone, regardless of race or gender, is equal to these three people in their capacity for success? Maybe the problems the U.S. is facing now are not the result of “rich greed”, but the result of this narrative perpetuated by politicians and Hollywood that some deserve a $15 an hour job because they are not capable of great success on their own. Ask yourself why some do not want people to know that they are capable of great things regardless of who they are, where they are, or where they have been.

  31. Samuel says:

    Thomas and Merilee both make great points. One must work hard to get to the top. However, the business practices of the Walton family are despicable. Caroline Good, please know that the great Sam Walton is not responsible for the current business model for Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. I am very sure he is turning in his grave right now. I also would like to point out that it was the “every-man” who pointed out Mr. Potter’s evil. The average person has the God-given power to make wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18) and people ARE responsible for wherever they are presently. That being said, The Walton family have stolen jobs away from this great nation. They have also underpaid workers. I do not agree with these things. I am upset that there are people trying to get the national minimum wage increased to $15.00. I am absolutely positive that people should not be living off minimum wage. Those wages were supposed to be for high school and college students. I don’t get why people would have Wal-Mart or fast food restaurants as their main source of income. Let us work hard so we can create jobs right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. The truth is, many people are stuck in Wal-Mart and other low paying jobs because they work so many hours at them to look for another job (sorry Ben, but you dared me). My suggestion is to cut out any leisure time and use that to get ahead. I know there are possibly soe people with only 2 hours or less of leisure time per week. I believe that time should be used, even if it is just thirty minutes, for their betterment. Some members of this family might have money as their god, the way Middleclassgirl said. I believe we should keep them in our prayers, but still speak against the many atrocities their business practices have caused. Factory workers in China make $1 per hour in poor working conditions. Many people have died due to these working conditions. If you pay attention to the news, you would know that Wal-Mart has started investing in “Made in USA” products. Congratulations!!! The many years of your voices collectively complaining about this issue have finally paid off. TV is Satan’s greatest weapon in this day and age. I can honestly tell you that TV was at one time in my life my god. If not for the Lord Jesus Christ, I will still be under its spell. TV is very powerful in many ways. Here, I can say Thomas is absolutely right. Cut it OFF!!! Use that free time to study and work hard. Merilee says the Walton family do not pay taxes. This makes me the most angry out of everything I have read on this board. Jesus told us to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God’s.” These people claim to be Christians yet they are not following a basic Christian rule. In Matthew 15:7-9, Jesus quotes Isaiah 29:13 to the hypocritical Pharisees. If what Merilee says is true, these people definitely fit into the same category. I know everyone on this board, believer or not, dislikes hypocrites. Hypocrisy is very sickening and I don’t like it. Therefore, not only are the Walton family hypocrites, they are damaging the U.S. economy by not paying their taxes. I can honestly say, that the United States have a great system in which the taxes of the people are put to great use and are not 50% of the American workers paychecks (I believe the U.K. taxes near this percentage on their workers). The Walton family are doing a huge disservice to the country they call home if they truly don’t pay their taxes. What am I trying to say? Yes, this family has horrible business practices but we have been give the power to make wealth by God. Let us study, work hard, and improve our lives. Thank you.

  32. DT says:

    I have read many of the comments’ and everyone has a right to their opinion ,weather they agree or disagree! Sam Walton and his brother worked their way up and earned their Wealth and that is part of the American Dream. The Walton Family (2nd Generation) born into Multiple Billions’ truly don’t know what it is to go without! How would they know what Hunger is, if they have NEVER experienced Hunger. The Majority of People know from” Experience” and I believe Rich People suffer as well as Poor People EXCEPT in different ways! I believe that we ALL have Hurts, Losses, Tears, Fears’ and that Others’ can’t relate to what we are going through or what we have Experience! I am NOT taking either side because there are different perspectives. I do believe that “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required” and out of a $148.7 Billion Dollar Worth ,the Walton Family could NOT spend that amount of money on themselves throughout Multiple Generations. I was under the impression that Sam Walton was a “Believer” and he Gave!!! I also KNOW if it is in you to GIVE …You Will Give regardless of what you have; A little or a lot !!! My Pray is that the Walton Family take the Wealth that God has given them and use it to Blesses Other’s. One Billion is a Blessing : $148 Billion WOW!!!

  33. Ken says:

    I’ve only barely skimmed through these posts and quickly saw that a great many of them were people full of excuses and blaming others. I stand with Thomas and the last two letters he wrote. Amen and amen. Stop blaming others for your heartaches. Everybody agrees that greed is bad. But each man will have to answer to his maker for greed. You can put in laws to attempt to protect victims of the greedy but no law can change a man’s heart if he is greedy. At the end of the day – if one works hard and never gives up – reward will come in due time. It has been proven too many times during the history of man. One can be bitter and blame others for his or her own failures but in all honesty – most people just want an excuse to stop trying. So stop blaming everybody else. If someone puts a road block in front of you. Find a way around it. Dig a tunnel….get in a helicopter and fly over it – do whatever it takes. Stop living your life blaming others and through excuses. And stop envying and believing that because other people are wealthy they must be evil. You do understand they are made of the same stuff as you don’t you? Men are all the same. Last thing. After it’s all said and done. Jesus is the answer. Period. He will show you the true way. And His ways have always been to abstain from envy, greed, lawlessness, bitterness, wrath, jealousy, and all the hoards of other practices that have separated man from the good path and from walking joyfully with his Creator. Stop making excuses and begin living your life to the fullest right now. Today!!!!!

    Proverbs 22:13 The lazy man says, “There is a lion outside! I shall be slain in the streets!”

  34. Dollar says:

    Where’s the information about Sam and Helen on this site?

  35. GFS says:

    People keep slavishly worshiping capitalism and putting Sam up on a pedestal as one of the founders of the American dream and then denouncing critics of the Waltons as just being jealous.
    You can respect Sam for chasing his dream, selling quality American-made goods at reasonable prices, and making a success of his business.
    However, the rest of the Waltons didn’t work hard for their billions, they just happened to be spat out of the right vagina or married into the family.
    They spend their days lobbying and scheming to sell shoddy goods to people that can’t afford better because they work for poor paying employers such as Walmarts et al. The I’m all right jacks spout guff about finding a better job if you don’t like the money. However, not only are a large portion of their workforce lacking the skills to ‘get a better job’ but also Walmarts’ competitors are every bit as tight-fisted – because these people have a monopoly on wages for the average Joe and the game is rigged.

  36. Jim in Arkansas says:

    It seems that this blog is nothing but a bash on the Waltons. Is this group made up of a consortium of large Target shareholders? Is this really nothing but corporate warfare? Why aren’t there any articles on what good WalMart has done, the economic prosperity that the Waltons have created and the newfound ability of millions of American to improve their families lives through affordable products and medications? Seems pretty one sided to me. And for that, one has to ask, WHY?

  37. Isaac says:

    I work at Walmart….. compared to other positions in my town of 15,000 people fast food, stores, factories they all pay about the same which is min wage. It would be nice and a good image for Walmart to pay a little bit more above min wage and I know it wouldn’t make a difference to their profits if they did, the store i work at takes about $200,000 a day, not sure and don’t care how much of that is profit. This is not my ideal job, but it is a job, and I need one to live. FYI I am underemployed at walmart and so are many other employees but finding that perfect job takes time and I can’t live without an income.

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