Christy R. Walton

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Christy Walton

Quick facts

Family: Widow of John Walton; one son, Lukas

Age: 58 (born 1955)

Residence: Jackson, WY/La Jolla, CA


Estimated net worth: $36.7 billion (through her late husband’s estate; as of March 2014).

Richest woman in the world, per Forbes magazine.

Her husband, John, the son of Sam Walton, died suddenly in 2005. Through John’s estate, Christy Walton:

  • Shares 50.8% ownership of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. with John’s siblings, Alice, Jim, and Rob.
  • Shares 96% ownership of the family’s Arvest Bank (Jim Walton, CEO) with Rob and Jim Walton[1]; As of March 2013, the bank’s assets totaled approximately $14.3 billion.
  • Holds 30% ownership in solar energy company First Solar—an investment worth $1 billion.[2]

Educational and professional background

Education unknown.

Walton has described herself on political donations as a “homemaker” and “philanthropist.”

Political giving

Federal election giving

Since 2000, Walton has given $303,100 in donations to candidates for federal office, more than 85 percent of which went to Republicans or Republican political action committees (PACs). She has also supported the Walmart PAC.

Examples of state-level election giving

  • Wisconsin: As the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism reported in September 2011, Christy Walton was the third-largest individual contributor to winning state legislative candidates in the 2010 elections that put Republicans in control of the state government. Six of the top ten individual donors were members of the Walton family. Under the first budget passed by Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-majority legislature, funding for public schools was cut by $800 million over two years, while funding for programs that funnel public money to private schools increased by $17 million over two years.
  • California: In 2005, the day after then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill—opposed by Walmart but often referred to as “the Walmart bill”—that would have required the state to disclose the names of companies with 25 or more workers and whose employees received publicly-funded state health benefits, Christy Walton gave $250,000 to Schwarzenegger’s California Recovery Team campaign account.[3]

Community connections

  • Walton financed the development of the film Bless Me, Ultima, a film adaptation of Rudolfo Anaya’s novel of the same name. She is listed as executive producer on the film.
  • Co-chair, Children’s Scholarship Fund, which funds private school educations for low-income children. John Walton co-founded CSF in 1998 with the late Republican financier Ted Forstmann.
  • Emeritus Director, Teton Science Schools; Christy’s son Lukas graduated from Teton Science Schools’ Journeys School in 2005.
  • Walton is listed as one of the “Connoisseurs” of the Mingei International Museum, a folk art museum in San Diego. Connoisseurs comprise a short list of museum patrons who are “dedicated to building the Museum’s collections.” Walton has been a sponsor of multiple exhibitions at the museum, and donated a “prize-winning Kyrgyz yurt” that she had purchased and brought to the U.S. from Kyrgyzstan in 2007.



[1] Wal-Mart primer from former company spokesman,” Northwestern Financial Review, Vol. 194, No. 5, 3/1/2009-3/14/2009

[2] FSLR Historical Prices; calculation based on 8/15/13 share price of $37.63.

[3] Dan Morain, “Initiative Fundraising in High Gear”, Los Angeles Times, 27 Oct 2005.


  1. Teshe says:


  2. James F. Fogg says:

    I am not very good with words I wanted to share this story for a long time. My mother and us siblings moved to Vaughn, Ark. on a farm with my Grandparents at the age of 11. Went to school at Vaughn and from their to Bentonville School System. On the weekends they would take me and my uncles to Bentonville to the Plaza Theater for the movie – 10 cents to get in 25 cents for treats. We would always go to the matinee that made us get out late and in the winter dark came early and cold, especially with holes in your pants. The story I am going to share now I can remember as clear and vivid as it was yesterday. Around the corner from the theater was Walton’s 5-10 I would always go their to keep warm in the winter and in the summer to ponder around waiting for grandparents to pick me up. One weekend after a movie they where late and it was cold so I thought I would go to Walton’s 5-10 store to see what was their. As I wondering and pondering down the isles I saw a candy bar the one I liked the best the Idaho Spud I looked around did not see anyone looking and stuck it in my pants pocket- called stealing. So I started to the front door and before I got their a tall slender handsome man by the name Mr. Sam Walton stopped me. Asked me to take everything out of my pocket so I did he asked me why I was their I told him I just got out of the movie and was waiting for my grandparents he asked me who they where I told him. He told me to wait there. I watched him as he walked to the phone and was calling someone I don’t know who. Then he walked to the front door and stepped outside like he was waiting on someone. Walton’s 5-10 store was on the square and the court house in the middle. And a policeman would walk the square and Sam knew he would be coming soon. and as the policeman came to Sam I could see them talking and Sam telling him the story about me about this time I was really shaking and they started walking toward me they sure did look big I was just 12 years old. Sam turned me over to the policeman and we went out front of Walton’s 5-10 store waiting for my grandparents and when they showed up Sam knew who they where and everything was told to them. I got in the car and all the way home no one said anything. As I look back at Mr. Walton and what he was doing to me was teaching me not to steal, he did not call anyone and the policeman was to put fear in me and it all worked. He was a polite man Mr. Sam Walton. When I was 14 my mother married a man by the name of Wesley Dixon my step-dad my dad to me I believe he was in charge of the Bentonville Air Port. We moved to Grants New Mexico and every year we would get Christmas cards from Mrs. Sam M. Walton they where friends. Helen when she sent you a Christmas card it was personal she would tell you about the whole year. In the card I am looking at talks about John in the service at Ft. Sam Houston and all the kids. in the card she talks about the new stores. Sorry about John I never knew who the Walton’s where not even when the Sam’ Stores started going up all over the world. My dad never knew what Sam accomplished and I never knew who the Walton’s where until after my dad passed away and started going through his cards and saw this two page letter from Helen and Sam and then I knew who you where. The Walton’s have been a blessing

  3. Richard Malakasa says:

    It is a great honor for me to ba associated with the Walton Family

  4. sanjucka says:

    when i look how many some people have money some nothing….o i cray….but another look if they can bought bread or not

  5. suneel kumar says:

    Good morning to my mother(ie., Christy ruth walton)
    Today is Good friday.
    I pray god to give good health and wealth to my Mother and my friend Mr. Lukas walton.
    from ,
    Suneel kumar degala.

  6. Alex says:

    Blaze up Christi, and donate all your wealth to the struggling youths!!!

  7. Lucky Lodio says:

    May the Lord God Almighty should give you good health to enjoy your wealth and riches all the days of your life in JESUS name. Please remember the needy give help to us

  8. John says:

    Dear Christy, some unscrupulous elements are using your name for some dubious billion dollar charity give-aways.
    I hope they are caught and brought to book.

  9. Rey says:

    Waltons are inhumane scum. They use humans like slaves and take advantage of the public. They evade taxes and are true greedy filth


    Preciso saber como mandar email para Christy. Agradecida

  11. I would love to communicate with Ms. Christy Walton the old fashion way and write her a letter, do you have a mailing address? I do not like to put out my thoughts and feelings over the internet, I am a lot old fashion. Need some guidance in my life which I am hoping you can help me with. Hope to hear from you soon.

  12. lee says:

    Dear Ms Walton, it would be real nice if you can pay your employees alot more money for making you more richer. They work extremely hard for almost nothing. That is one way you can show your gratitude for your employees. God bless

  13. ohio guy says:

    I think its sick that the six of you can be worth almost 150 billion but cant pay employees enough that they can even afford to survive. I worked at walmart in the past and was told i could be fired for getting overtime, not offered benefits for my family, and had to live with other family members so i could afford rent. Now with obama care comming up i hear you are cutting employees hrs so you can get out of offering any sort of insurance for them. For a company that makes money like yours, thats just wrong. I know of people with the company for 8 and 9 years and only make a few dollars over minimum wage. And have a friend with the company for 5 years and had to have gulblatter surgery to keep from dying, so after those 5 years had to take alot of time off work unpaid to save her life. 5 years of hard work for you, and then she gets nothing when she needs help. She even has government paid insurence because how cheep youre company is, the least you could have done for her 5 years of dedication to you is to give some % of pay for her medical leave. When she gets back to work she will be lucky not to lose everything she has. Thanks walmart! This company is way to greedy! Ill applaud the day walmart employees go drag all 6 of you out of those fancy homes and show what it really means to have a bad day.

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