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The Walton family is the richest family in the United States and one of the richest in the world. They are heirs to the Walmart fortune and the company’s largest shareholders, with over fifty percent ownership of stock in the retail giant.

Sam Walton and his brother Bud opened their first Walmart discount store in 1962. Today three family members serve on Walmart’s board of directors; Rob is the chair, and sits on the board with his brother Jim and his son-in-law, Greg Penner.

The six Waltons on Forbes’ list of wealthiest Americans have a net worth of $144.7 billion. This fiscal year three Waltons—Rob, Jim, and Alice (and the various entities that they control)—will receive an estimated $3.1 billion in Walmart dividends from their majority stake in the company.

The Waltons aren’t just the face of the 1%; they’re the face of the 0.000001%. The Waltons have more wealth than 42% of American families combined.

Why does all of this matter? While the Waltons are building billion-dollar museums, driving million-dollar cars, and jumping between vacation homes, Walmart, the country’s largest private employer, is paying its associates an average of $8.81 an hour. The Waltons make billions a year off of a company most of them don’t even work for, while Walmart associates struggle for respect on the job and enough pay to make ends meet.

Through their family legacy, places on Walmart’s board of directors, and their majority stake in the company, the Waltons have the power to turn 1.4 million Walmart jobs into good jobs.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Why Do you support ALEC? It is not like you need them!

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  3. George says:

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  4. Rev. Carter A. Dary says:

    “As you failed to do it for these my brothers and sisters, you also failed to do it for me”! I suspect that like most of the super wealthy of the south, you’re the super religious types. How about being super kind, decent, caring, sharing, supporting, giving and moral. Lead the nation/world with the best benefits for employees available. You can afford it and you know it! Try doing “the right thing” for once in you overpriviledged lives!!!!!

  5. Democrat says:

    Watch what you wish for look at the Twinkie & wounded bread co….. Now no one has a job 18,000 gone! But the rich will continue to never see from a poor mans eyes that’s reality…..

  6. Christopher Cronan says:

    All of the greed has caused me at 40 yrs of age, to study the Nordic countries. I would pay higher taxes to invest in affordable health care and affordable education. Capitalism has a bad taste now. We could never restructure to avoid self-centered greed. I love rewards for hard work, but Socialism is now looking better to me as environmental and ethical.

  7. JR says:

    As an old school manager there in a warehouse its partly because they are bringing managers off the street that do not work there way up from hourly associates like in the past and they have total disregard for the associate cause they have never been in there shoes like I have so they need to bring that back and do need to either give associates stock and I agree with higher wages

  8. Dan Leviinson; Aspen, Colorado says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Walton families approached the WalMart board and collectively requested that the chain suspend the sale of guns and, simultaneously, make a statement that they would hope that their initiative would encourage other retailers to follow their lead? What an important message that would be, an endowment of such importance and, knowing what I’ve read about Sam, I bet he would approve.

  9. This Walton people are realy scum-bags and ingrates, robbing their poor employees in this modern age and era and been getting away with it.
    Anyway , I trust America, very soon nemesis will catch on them .They should learn from the experiences of Lord Black and other coperate thievs who fooled both their employees and share holder for so long that they made it their piggy banks till the US government un-covered their deeds.
    Every day is for the thief but ONE day is for the owner of the stolen goods.
    Geff Ezeokonkwo
    Toronto Ontario, Canada.

  10. Sebrina Bennett says:

    When Sam Walton opened Wal-Mart, he wanted to help people and offer cheapier prices. Well that changed when he passed….His sons/family well all they want is to help themselves!!! I do shop Walmart at times and i tell you it discuss me….they will soon offer nothing but their on products ‘GREAT VALUE”!!!! HAHA

  11. Ann says:

    I completely agree with this article and feel that if ppl in position of power and wealth would care about others, then America would be a much better place!

  12. Ann says:

    The average American has NO extra money for vacation homes or new cars. We are struggling check to check to make our bills, feed our kids, and pay for the repair bill to fix our car! These ppl can’t even relate to REAL Americans and our struggle. It’s unfortunate.

  13. Gerald lee says:

    The Walton family has the ability positively effect and enhance the lives of thousands of Americans and their families. You are billionaires and will never personally know what it’s like to need medical care or a procedure and not be able to receive it do to your economic status. Please think of your legacy, if you just put people ahead of profits, you could change the lives of so Many Americans.
    And still maintain your financial status. After all it’s only money and you can’t take it with you.
    When it’s all said and done what will be said about your legacy and did you try to help your fellow man?

  14. Thomas says:

    bottom line is to stop going to Wal-Mart and get back to the mom and pops of this country and find what else they own and stop going there also all you have to do is start that and watch what happens all comes down to putting the pressure on them. it does work

  15. Tamme King says:

    You need to vist all the walmarts and see why you are doing to people that make YOU money. You don’t understand what your doing to people that have family’s that your taking away from. People that work very hard for u and treat them like there nothing but yet you still leave high and mighty. Your pay sucks, you insurance sucks, vacation pay sucks, firing people for NO REASON.

  16. Nancy g says:

    The greed of wal mart is for all to see, I worked for that co. Truth be told they don’t give a dam about their associates they demand you to be there to stock their shelves so they can make a sell. If your sick injured or have a sick child they threaten to fire you if you don’t show up for work. Their making billions in sales profits while their associates are in need of Medicaid and food stamps cause their getting paid very little $ that is greed

  17. Nancy g says:

    I no longer shop at wal mart and if other people would stop shopping their as well they wouldn’t be so dam rich, there’s plenty of other stores to shop at, go on you tube search Wal Mart high cost of living

  18. Mike Tremblay says:

    Ok, I remember working for a Mom and Dad store when I was 18. We had no benefits and was paid minimum salary, and that was like that for all the small business and same goes for these French fries stands if we refer to McDonalds. These small business could not afford to pay all the benefits , I understand that Walmart could yes , but they are no different than our corner stores but just bigger .
    Ok yes I agree they could now that they made it supply their employees better benefits especially when they call you associates ???????
    Thank you

  19. SNAP Slave says:

    If Wal-Mart would just give a $1.00 raise across the board plus reg. review raises and keep the bonus program they would have gratitude from associates.
    If they gave a $2.00 raise across the board then regular review raises and keep the bonus program they would have gratitude and even more loyalty. All while still making billions each year for themselves.

    Partially because the associates would be spending even more at the stores for basic needs. Why is that such a difficult thing to understand.

  20. lucas says:

    i love u the walton famly

  21. Eric says:

    Wanna be in the .000001%? Start a business. Grow that business into the biggest store ever and reap the benefits. Wal-mart is the American dream. It’s capitalism at its finest. Whine all you want, but you have as much of a chance to become a billionaire entrepreneur as Sam Walton had. Walmart pays minimum wage. So does every other big-name retailer and restaurant. They don’t owe their employees anything. If the employees want a better life, go find a better job. If a better job isn’t available, it isn’t WalMart’s fault. Walmart’s only responsibility is to their stockholders. That’s how a corporation works.
    Stop being so jealous.

  22. Last night, I attended a training session about how to protest Walmart this coming November 27, 2013 in support of Walmart employees. It was all very exciting, as this was to be my first protest, and I really was looking forward to attending the protest in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, along with the Walmart ex-employees. Anyway, I was talking with one of my neighbors in the public area of my apartment building about this, today, when she informed me that because I live in federally funded housing, if I am arrested, I will be evicted from my apartment. I immediately went to my apartment manager, and lo and behold, this crap is true. You see, if I am arrested, then I will be considered a criminal! Even if this is a social cause! I am so thoroughly upset that I could spit nails, If I could afford to give up my apartment, I would say F–K it and go ahead and protest, but therein lies the dilemma. I am disabled, receive SSI, and can not afford to live anywhere else other than Federal housing. Since when did I have to give up my freedom of speech to live there>

  23. Steve says:

    It doesn’t bother me at all that the Waltons are so wealthy, or that Wal-mart’s employees are paid so little. If you don’t like your job or your salary…change it.

  24. curt says:

    Why go to a store that does not treat their employees like human beings, Part of their workforce has health insurance. They have one hundred thirty billion plus. Gates and Buffett are three and four.

  25. Linda Lou says:

    Ok, I have to share this story . . . Walmart advertised 32″ Emerson TV at $98.00 for their first sale last night. My mom and dad (on social security & both in their 70’s) got so excited to get this TV & fit the cost into their budget. They drove 50 miles round trip from Brookings Oregon to the nearest Walmart in Crescent City California . . . Walmart “guaranteed” there would be TV’s for everyone within the first hour of the sale. When my parents got in line & stood there for a few hours to be sure they would get the TV they soon found out that Walmart had not told the whole truth about the sale, that in fact their “guarantee of a TV for all in the first hour” turned out to be false advertising, or shady at best, depending on your outlook . . . they were given a bracelet, then given a voucher, then given paperwork to fill out, to then find out they had to go back home, go to, enter their voucher code, purchase the TV, then “go back to the Crescent City Walmart to pick up their TV, additionally they were told they would have their TV by or before Christmas!!!! When my Dad complained the Walmart employee responded “That’s just the way it is” . . . my Dad did exactly what I would have done, gave them their voucher back & told them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I wonder how many people in this country were duped by Walmart (due to their shady ad) to believe they would show up early to get their TV and be able to go home with it!!!!! To make it worse Dad even called corporate Walmart and they responded the same, basically “too bad so sad but that’s the way it is’ & then he left the story on Walmart corporate facebook page & interestingly enough it’s no where to be found. So I am posting this on my page hope it will go viral, & sending out the information to all news stations . . . I do not intend for this sleezy tactic by Walmart to go un-noticed!

  26. Dixie Hart says:

    I have been living under a rock. I will no longer shop at Walmart, whatever the savings. I will no longer support this kind of greed. I will no longer be a part of the network of Sam’s Clubs. Nor will I support the fast food giants (McDonalds, Burger King, etc.). I am a school teacher and even I, a single mother, have a hard time and I live paycheck to paycheck. My sister worked for K-Mart for several years, and the push to say what they want you say and push their credit programs at the cash register is incredible. Her job was a risk if she didn’t do it, all for the wonderful wage of $7.00 per hour. So, these corporate giants, CEOs, and famly stockholders are rich off the backs of their workders – all the while, they do not give sick pay, do not give benefits, do not give incremental pay increases. They do not reward hard work. So what kind of society is this? Wealth for the wealthy few. No, the Donald Trumps and Walton Family should be ashamed.

  27. Pam S. says:

    Seeing the Walton family keep a tight grip on their inherited wealth by paying Wal-Mart employees poverty-level wages, refusing to provide benefits, failing to promote hard-working employees of all colors, and donating to charity a pittance compared to what their employees
    give of course causes the 99% to react in anger. And I wonder whether there are any numbers on how many ‘mom & pop’s’ went out of business when Wal-Mart moved to town. I’m as patriotic as the next guy but I wonder how many of the flag-wavers who shop at Wal-Mart care that the low-priced goods they’re buying at Wal-Mart are made in China by kids making pennies an hour.

  28. Samatic says:

    In order for Walmart to change America needs to STOP SHOPPING THERE! That would send a message to the Walton family that if you do not take care of your own employees and pay them a living wage we won’t buy your cheap crap or use any of your services. However, There are too many dumb people still left in this country who walk in to a Walmart each and every day and buy their crap.

  29. Mark S says:

    God forbid Walmart would sacrifice some profit so that 1.4 million workers could enjoy a slightly higher standard of living. The four Walmart heirs each have at least 26 billion each in wealth. Combined, more money than the bottom 40% of all Americans. Sheesh I guess they don’t have enough money. 26 billion each. How many mansions, yachts, cars do they need? What’s up with these rapacious heirs and stock holders. Sheesh rampant selfish is rarely questioned in this world. It is even championed. What is up with this obscene hording? Who cares about the serfs I guess.

  30. John P. says:

    Many of you people are simply envious of other people’s fortunes. The market determines the value of someone wage when one works for a business. This is the idea of a business and you all would do the same. You all need to understand economics. Envy is not a worthy value, hard work is. Stop crying and go to work, be frugal. Stop dreaming to become rich and live within your means.

  31. Primo says:

    Where are the rollbacks? Making profits are fine but to over price products to make huge profits is cheating the consumers.

  32. Patrick lilley says:

    And they thrive on our own greed to continue to shop there. A lovely little circle of character defects and each time a person buys something from Walmart , he just weakened his future a bit more. Now, of every responsible citizen in the US would take $500 while they still have it, go purchase a TV set, enjoy it for 25 days and then return it, there would be nothing that Wall Street nor the Walton’s could do. Is it immoral? Is what they do immoral? Their stock would plummet like a brick. Even the hint of it happening would crush the Walton family. I wouldn’t put one of them out if they were on fire. And trust me, one day they will be on fire for eternity. – It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter into the kingdom.

  33. Liam says:

    To those who champion greed and profit over humans, need to wake up. When 6 people have more wealth than 40% of America, something is horribly, atrociously wrong. I support capitalism and business to make money; but there has to be a point when enough is enough. Don’t say we are jealous or envious; because we are not. What we are is sick and tired of having the system be written ONLY by those who have the means to lobby for the rules that benefit them the most. And that people like YOU believe it is okay. It’s okay that we turn a blind eye while billions are stored in off-shore bank accounts, while tax credits are given to the biggest oil companies and while Wal-Mart makes record profits. Yet rebuilding roads and bridges, supporting our veterans and more than $8.81 an hour for a Wal-Mart employee is out of the question. Wake up and get a grip on what is really important in this life……just a hint… isn’t profits.

  34. Anacho Traz says:

    The invisible issue here is, ironically, that Capitalism, which is inherently based on the concepts of “the trade” – exchange of one thing for another – and “price” – the perceived value of what is being exchanged” and “competition” – the buyer’s ability to chose who to trade with” is fundamentally inequal and unfair.
    In fact, Capitalism is a process the purpose and result of which is the agreement between two parties of the value of something. So anything goes, as long as you can persuade people, rightly or wrongly, of a value for a commodity or service, indepedant of it’s inherent value.
    But ordinary consumers are not really in a position to make these trades rationally. The don’t have neither the information (lack of transparency) nor the desire to use it ( It’s hard work calculating the value of just about everything). Corporations are and do. The only thing most people have left is trust. But, in the words of PT Barnum, their a sucker born every minute.
    Consumers, like voters, have the power to fundamentally change both these systems with their behaviour, but don’t. Only 50% of Americans vote. 30% eat themselves into an early obese death. Freedom and freedom of choice must be excercised, not just expected to be a right to be “created” by others.
    Tragically, not enough of us, consumers or voters, agree on anything long enough, to drive change in our own behaviours to transform our society’s intuitive feeling of what is really valuable, so we remain victims of a system which rewards exploitation is all its myriad guises, from discrimination to injustice!

  35. Anonymous says:

    A previous post nailed it on the head. Sam was not the greedy type, nor was his wife. They believed in family, hard work, fairness, and providing a good deal to American consumers. The rest of his family are the one that have turn Wal-Mart into a four letter word. Sam is rolling over in his grave these days.

  36. Aeo says:

    Wealth ISNT how much you have or can make……. Wealth consists in how much you can give..

  37. Johnc865 says:

    Fantastic website. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you in your sweat! gbdfceaeffdk

  38. PAM says:

    Hope their money will get them into Heaven. I am assuming they are helping others less fortunate. If that is the case , then I am glad. But otherwise, they are a sad bunch.

  39. john doe says:

    Union them

  40. Walmart Hater says:

    Walmart is not letting the media know it. But they are actually worth TRILLIONS of Dollars! Getting rich by keeping wages low, no benefits, prices low on clothing, food, electronics. Trying to keep the mom and pops shops from making money. It is pretty sad when Walmart really doesn’t care about their employees. They want them to work and do so much a hour (a unreasonable amount of stuff). Like checkers has to meet a quota of scanning 800 items a hour! When you do Pics (that is pulling orders for the stockers to put on the shelves) you have to pull 1500 pic per hour. If you don’t meet it they fire you! Simple. Why as I have been told “It is just Walmart and they don’t care!” They don’t care about their customers as well. They claim they do and they claim they strive to help them as much as they can with them. But I have seen how they treat customers and how rude their employees can get toward them. Why would you want to shop in a store that has money and power? BAN WALMART AND HELP THE MOM & POP STORES INSTEAD!

  41. Valerie says:

    They only give 1% of their wealth to charity. 75% of their employees are in assisted living programs, and they ask their employees to give money and food to other employees to be able to eat……..There is something seriously wrong with that picture. Not even mentioning the labor of employees in factories outside the country that makes everything in Wal Mart. They are getting paid 17 cents an hour (at best) and work 12 to 16 hour days. Bill Gates gives 56% of his earnings to charity! I understand people can get jealous of money, but that is not the issue here. They are plain evil when it comes to treatment of the employees which is what people are outraged about. You can a true inside picture when you watch “Wal-Mart – The High Cost of Low Prices.” Great insight.

  42. Debby says:

    I’ve been reading all the posts & am shocked at how many bitter & “entitlement minded” people are out there. The Walton’s are actually entitled to their money. Their father earned it & whether they worked a day in their life or not it’s theirs. If you want more for yourself or your children earn it like Sam Walton did. Don’t demand someone give it to you. The problem with our country is 99% expect to have what 1% have without putting in the work to have it. Get off the couch & do something. I am also surprised at the number of people who assume if you are rich you can’t possibly be saved. God is the judge.

  43. Paul P. says:

    walmart (mallwart) owes be between 2 and 3 billion dollars for stocks i had that mysteriously disappeared. What can expect from a company from Arkansas that sells sock sizes, one size fits all: 6-12. Well, hopefully those dumbass 1 percenters will send me an email specifying how they intend to pay before I cough up the Truth.

  44. Seymore Butts says:

    I hope they rest in peace; the people are waking up!

  45. Sterling Banks says:

    Re: Eric’s post, oct 29 2013.

    My company grosses 2 billion per year. The bottom employees (janitor ect.) are paid $50 an hour because I can afford to take care of the folks who take care of me, all while keeping the shareholders happy.

    Wake up!

  46. April says:

    I was hurt at Walmart and asked for my medical to be paid and for something in writing that they would take preventive measures so no one else would have to go through what I have and continue to go through. They have not had done neither. Instead they have insinuated that I done this because of lack of money which is a blatant lie ! Yes i shopped Black Friday because of my budget and was able to get my children things that they really wanted. I was shoved into a display . I had shopped many black Friday’s before and they had actually held the sale and given tickets to prevent trouble. So needless to say i was caught off guard when things happened. The lower income people has what help make Walmart successful and yet we are the ones who pay .I am unable to work even part time due to my injuries. My insurance has paid my medical but every insurance has a cap.Its appears to me that if you have money to fight Walmart they settle but if you don’t you are screwed. Well the almighty Walton’s and board members and shareholders I hope you enjoy your food and ability to have your medical problems fixed and enjoy your Christmas. Since I don’t have the luxury of these things due to negligence of Walmart.I have morals do you ?

  47. Nate says:

    Walmart sucks you guys need to pull some bikes horrible bikes all death traps

  48. stephen says:

    you idiots that’s not the point, yes Walmart is capitalism, but you don’t need billions and billions of dollars to live that’s just plain greedy people are given a lot of money for a reason its not to sit on it and glow and live to access yes you live comfortably but you have a responsibility to help mankind. Leaving a legacy does not mean dying with the most money because you can’t take it with you leaving a legacy means how many people were you able to influence and help.I’m sure when the Waltons started Walmart yes it was an entrepreneurial thing and it was a good thing to start a business but now they’re just greedy assholes.

  49. first of all if Sam Walton was alive he would be very very pissed off on how the people on the board and how his own family members is making his dream bad Sam Walton started a store for the American dream and for people to be able to was not his doing the way that it is now his dream was treat your customers first always but also treats your employees always right because your employees are the people that brings you to business so yeah. And threr will be a time that a store like this that will open and that store will be there for its employees and also for its customers it’s already happening and whan it happens it will eventually put Walmart out of business no doubt about it.thank you and God bless

  50. jovonne says:

    So, why can’t they give their employees a raise again?

  51. Stefanie says:

    They should all be abolished, they treat their employees like shit, and have no respect for them. I saw it first hand. Remember Waltons all good things come to an END!!

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