Top Reasons the Walton Family and Walmart are NOT “Job Creators”

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The six Waltons on the Forbes 400 list—Christy, Alice, Jim, Rob, Ann, and Nancy—are worth a combined $148.8 billion. According to the most recent data available, they have the same wealth as the bottom 42% of American families combined. Walmart associates, in comparison, have been risking arrest in their fight for $25,000 a year for full time work.

Some have responded to criticism of the Waltons by arguing that the family is helping to create much needed jobs. Sadly for U.S. workers and families, the facts just don’t support this statement. Here are the facts.

Fact: Walmart is a job killer.

  • Walmart store openings destroy almost three local jobs for every two they create by reducing retail employment by an average of 2.7 percent in every county they enter.
  • Walmart cost America an estimated 196,000 jobs – mainly manufacturing jobs – between 2001 and 2006 as a result of the company’s imports from China.

Fact: Walmart jobs are poverty jobs.

  • Walmart workers average just $8.81 hour. This translates to annual pay of $15,576, based on Walmart’s definition of full-time. This is less than two-thirds of the poverty line for a family of four, and well below what most families actually need to get by.
  • According to the company, most workers make less than $25,000 a year. In a September 2013 presentation, Walmart US CEO Bill Simon included the fact that out of all Walmart associates in the country, only 475,000 make more than $25,000 a year.
  • Walmart pays less than other retail firms. A 2005 study found that Walmart workers earn an estimated 12.4% less than retail workers as a whole and 14.5% less than workers in large retail in general. A 2007 study which compared Walmart to other general merchandising employers found a wage gap of 17.4%.
  • Last year, Walmart slashed already meager health benefits again, dropping health insurance for new hires working less than 30 hours a week and leaving more workers uninsured.

Fact: Taxpayers are paying the price for Walmart.

  • Taxpayers subsidize Walmart’s low wages and poor benefits. Just one Walmart store costs taxpayers an estimated $1 million in public assistance usage by employees, according to a new report from the Democratic staff of the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce.
  • In many of the states across the country that release such information, Walmart is the employer with the largest number of employees and dependents using taxpayer-funded health insurance programs. A few examples:
  • In Arizona, according to data released by the state in 2005, the company had more 2,700 employees on the state-funded plan.
  • The company also topped the list in their home state of Arkansas, with nearly 4,000 employees forced onto the state’s plan according to data released by the state in 2005.
  • In Massachusetts, in 2009, taxpayers paid $8.8 million for Walmart associates to use publicly subsidized healthcare services.
  • Despite all the damage they have done to US workers and communities, a 2007 study found that, as of that date, Walmart had received more than $1.2 billion in tax breaks, free land, infrastructure assistance, low-cost financing and outright grants from state and local governments around the country. This number has surely increased as Walmart continues to receive additional subsidies.
  • Meanwhile, the Waltons use special tax loopholes to avoid paying billions in taxes. According to a recent Bloomberg story, the Waltons are America’s biggest users of a particular type of charitable trust that actually allows the donor to pass money on to heirs after an extended period of time, without having to pay much-debated estate and inheritance taxes. According to Treasury Department estimates reported in Bloomberg, closing the two types of loopholes the Waltons appear to use would raise more than $20 billion over the next decade.


Updated 3/5/14


  1. Gail Amara says:

    If the average wage is 70% of poverty level for a family of four, Medicaid isn’t all they’re using, but food stamps too. I was told that in my state Walmart hands out a brochure telling its employees how to apply.

  2. James Parker says:

    I believe in jobs for justice and I have actively supported everything that we have accomplished and what we will accomplish in the future. I feel compelled to speak out on your unfair and unscrupulous pounding of Walmart. I worked for Walmart for 3 1/2 years here in Oregon, Lebanon to be exact and speaking from experience I am here to tell you that what you are producing about facts and figures concerning Walmart are untrue for the most part. Let;s start off with the fact that Walmart starts most people at minimum wage in whatever State or country they reside and are employed in. People are evaluated every six months from date of hire and if their job production warrants, they are given a raise. In Oregon, I cannot speak for the entire country, Women and minorities are given the same and equal raises as men if their work history warrants. I went from minimum wage of $7.90 per hour to Head of the largest department in their Super Store in less than three years, and I have witnessed Women and minorities accomplish the same goals. I was once the Affirmative Actions Director for the State of California and the Federal Government so believe me I understand People, figures, minorities, the combination of all, what they should be in reference to federal guidelines and believe me, in Oregon at least, The facts are not at all what you have reported. If we expect people to act together in numbers to make Walmart a BETTER place to work then lets at least tell these people the truth. First lets start with the Walton family. My best friend and his brother are descendents and part of the Walton family. Not at all the wealthy part of the family but just the Walton family. What I did not and could not learn about Walmart and the Walton familly from the start of Walmart to present I have learned from my best friend and his brother. Walmart was started by Mr. and Mrs. Walton as their “American Dream” from the basement and garage of their home. Because of their genius marketing tactics Walmart grew beyond and faster than even they could imagine and believe. Then Walmart went to International status. At that point more family members were involved in the politics of the company than just the two founders. The family became divided, with much inward fighting among and between family members. That is when the Company of Walmart went public with the Walton family retaining more than 51 per cent of the shares at all times. In defense of Walmart it is vastly unfair of you to produce only facts medically with the State of Massechussetts. First of all you failed to mention that every member of the State of Massechussetts is covered by “Romney Care” the exact duplicate of “Obama Care” medically, regardless of whether they work for Walmart , K-mart, McDonalds, Burger King, Safeway, Albertsons, The State of Massechussetts, or who they work for. Again in their defense, Walmart does have a health plan that covers all employees even internationally. Where is the health plan for McDonalds? Burger King? All the Mom and Pop grocert stores and convenient stores? Gas stations? The list goes on and on. All of these people that you give statistics for from the other States as well as Massechussetts would be on subsidized health care regardless of who they worked for and as I stated Walmart at least has a health plan available to all personnel and that is something that 90% of the remaining American companies cannot say. As I stated previously Walmart’s entry level pay for the most part is State minimum wage, however, if that amount is less than the Federal minimum wage then the Federal wage prevails and that is what Walmart pays. We all know that any minimum wage job and many above minimum wage are below the Federal Poverty level and we also should know that all of these people are eligible, should and do apply for food stamps, medicare, and all other eligible federal and State programs. Let’s stop spreading untrue propaganda , tell the truth, and try to repair any wrongdoings the right way. “GO TO THE UNION ORGANIZERS AND ORGANIZE WALMART SO UNIONS CAN BARGAIN FOR EQUALITY” If you think Walmart is so wrong. That is the American way. Incidentally, every American retailer that sells the same products found in Walmart buy from those same Chinese companies that you accuse Walmart of buying from. Try and find these products made in America……..You can’t and will not. I could go on here for hours in Walmart’s defense but its fruitless because you have already made up your minds how you are going to handle this Walmart issue. Your way is wrong (in my opinion) and against THE American giant will only cause frustrations between Management and employees and worsen what you think is an already bad situation. My solution! Again UNIONIZE……..It is the only proven American way against an employer. Your way works with banks and wall street corperations better than any other, but believe me it will NOT work against the LARGEST employer of people in the United States and the WORLD. Oh! By the way, PAMIDA was founded by a Walton and is also a very successful retailer. I don’t see you knocking it. Most of its policies and procedures are similar to those of Walmart and I must say the rest of the retail world.

  3. Dedek says:

    Wal-mart is definitely good as plisneag the customer. Even if it does cater to people looking for cheap organic or local food, it’s important to consider the fact that (aside from being run by Satan himself) Wal-mart can only have such cheap prices because it places the costs on other people. The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter written by Peter Singer and Jim Mason, has a whole chapter on Wal-mart and this very question, here’s an excerpt: The positive value of a store with low prices can, however, turn negative if the low prices are achieved by passing costs onto others. In 2004, Wal-Mart’s spokesperson Mona Williams told Forbes’ that a full-time store employee takes home around $18,000 annually. Some think that this estimate is generous, but assuming that it is accurate, it still means that if they employee is the only income earner in a family of four, the family is living below the poverty line. (pg. 77)Most employees that work there are allowed benefits (the figure is $2,000 in public welfare for the average non-salaried Wal-Mart associate in California). So, the point is, if you’re not paying the high costs of food, you’re paying the taxes that support the Wal-Mart employees that Wal-Mart won’t take care of in the interest of saving money.

  4. mac gardner says:

    In response to James Parker’s suggestion that Wal Mart workers unionize, I don’t think that James realizes that union organizing has been tried before. Wal Mart has been the largest advocate of states passing “right to work” laws which makes Union shops illegal. A Wal Mart store in the northern US voted to Unionize and Wal Mart’s response was to immediately close the store. When the store closed, the merchandise was all loaded onto pallets and at least one pallet shipped to every store in the US, with a message attached that this would be what would happen in any location which voted to unionize the store. I believe this story is true, because I’ve had several Wal Mart employees tell me that they saw the pallets arrive.

    In Wal Mart’s early days when the company first started to grow, employees in Arkansas were caught talking to union organizers. Sam Walton went home fuming, telling his wife that he should fire every one of them, because they didn’t appreciate “all he did for them” by “providing them with a good job.” Sam didn’t pay more than minimum wage back then either, and Wal Mart has lobbied congress against raising minimum wage every time the bill has come up. Sam’s wife, Helen, told Sam “You are dead wrong, Sam. You are now a wealthy man, and it’s because you have a bunch of great employees who helped make you wealthy. You need to start sharing your profits with them.” Sam listened to his wife and instituted profit sharing, the employees forgot about organizing and Wal Mart took off like a rocket. I don’t believe that Wal Mart has any type of profit sharing any more, other than for store managers.

    I used to know the local Wal Mart manager 25 years ago, and his base salary was only about $30,000 per year (about $50,000 in 2012 dollars), but his annual bonus was about $120,000, which he could either keep for himself, or allocate some or all of it to his assistant managers, because they received no bonuses. He hated his job, and was divorced a couple of years later, which is quite common for Wal Mart managers and assistants. All managers and assistant managers were salaried at that time, and they were expected to work 80 hours per week. They were required to come to work in the middle of the night and help unload semi trucks, because that would save Wal Mart the $20 or so that the company would pay a “grunt” to do the labor. As far as providing health insurance to 34 hour per week employees, I’m not sure about that, but I doubt it happens. They might get a “subsidy” or “discount” but I don’t think they get free health care, and from what I have been told, almost all employees are prevented from working more than 32 hours per week to prevent them from eligibility for any benefits.

    Employees are allowed to buy Wal Mart Stock directly from the company without paying a broker’s commission, but from my own experience, Wal Mart stock is no longer a good investment. I bought stock in 2001 for $56 per share, and sold it in 2009, after Obama took office for $56.50. Usually when the economy turns bad, Wal Mart stock is considered “defensive” because of the perception that people who would not normally shop at Wal Mart will do so if they lose their jobs or take a pay cut. Lately, the stock has increased to about $63 because the company has recorded higher profits, mostly because they have slowed in new store construction. Even if I had waited until now to sell, Wal Mart would have been a poor investment with about a 15 percent gain in 12 years.

    If the culture changed at Wal Mart, they could become a positive force in America and undo much of the harm they have done to the middle class and poor. One example would be if they went against their political ally, the Koch brothers, and embraced natural gas to fuel their thousands of trucks. Chesapeake energy is about to introduce a “kit” which will convert the heavy 18 wheelers to enable them to run on either diesel, or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). CNG produces 1/4 the C0 2 of dirty burning diesel fuel, no sulfur, and sells locally for as low as $0.98 per gallon. This “kit” allows the trucks to run on any of the 3 fuels, or a blend of 2. Ideally, the trucks run best on a mix of 70 percent natural gas to 30 percent diesel. Wal Mart alone could make a huge impact by reducing our OPEC imports while still reducing operating costs dramatically. The Koch brothers and Big oil have blocked the energy bill for 3 years now, which would embrace construction of the natural gas superhighway. They accomplished this by “encouraging” sen Mitch McConnell to filibuster the bill which had 85 percent support of Americans, and 59 votes in the senate. McConnell got nearly $500,000 in a “campaign contribution” just before he decided to block the bill which would cut OPEC imports in half in 5 years, eliminate OPEC in 10 years, add about 1 million high paying jobs, and put about $5 Trillion per year into the pockets of American consumers every year which is now going directly to OPEC and big oil’s bank accounts.

    $5 Trillion is equivalent of 8 “stimulus bills” passed in 2009, EVERY SINGLE YEAR. This ONE MOVE on the part of Wal Mart could undo much of the damage done to our economy with the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs to China.

  5. wendy says:

    I think that defending the Walton name because you are related is biased and has no credibility, unfortunately your words are negated and fall on deaf ears. Unionizing against walmart, and having them dismantle a store because of it and punish a community, this shows me how powerful, and EVIL these people are, their money will roll the dice in their favor everytime. There will be no winning against walmart in our life time if ever. So there is more than one way to skin a cat. that would be, shop anywhere else anytime you can afford to do so. Always remember the families that have been displaced by walmart. Try to consume less and support America and your neighbora more. Remember always and NEVER forget how walmart told us how wonderful they were and actually the damage they are responsible for. I have never looked at a smiley face the same since walmart arrived in our town and literally put many many store out. How much money does one family need?

  6. Rob says:

    I work for SAM’s Club as an over night “Lead” (supervisor). I have an Associates Degree and I manage 12 employees. I participate in hiring, firing and training employees. I have security codes for the building, as well as keys to the building.
    I have a family of four. We qualify for $200 in Indiana food stamps and my children qualify for medicaid.
    I continue to look for better employment and I am still attending school to achieve a bachelors degree. This does not seem right for a company with this much wealth.

  7. dirwood G says:

    The managers in the past had a tough time at Wal Mart. But today they have it much better. There hours are more regular and they don’ have to come in at night to unload trucks. Or at least they don’t have to do it there selves unless they want to, there is usually enough help to do it. The workers would have it much better if Wal Mart would stop there unfair sick days call in’s. If you want time off or your sick Wal Mart makes it hard for an employee to miss, because if they miss to much they will be fired. And that is unfair. Sounds like Ol Sam just didn’t like unions, but Wal Mart benefits aren’t that great. I know many long term employees who have nothing to show for there years of hard work. No retirement, no company paid health insurance. Some people did get rich working at Wal Mart, back when they first started by buying stock. Today that stock would be worth millions, but there stock has lost value with there growth and poor company perceptions. The only ones getting rich today at Wal Mart are the execs and the Walton Family. If you want a job there, you had better think about your future, because there is no future at Wal Mart, unless you are management material.

  8. Maddie R says:

    I recently watched a documentary about Wal-mart and was very shocked at some of the facts that it displayed. What causes me to believe almost everything that I saw on the documentary is the fact that Wal-mart hasn’t sued the file maker for slander. If it weren’t true then they very easily could. They have the lawyers. They no doubt have the money. I also had the opportunity to speak with a formaer employee of Wal-mart and he presented me with many other shocking facts that I’m sure weren’t only in the 2 stores he was a manager at. I’m sure that it was present at many stores across the nation. You also have to remember that if a person in a family of 4 is only making approximately $15,000 a year they are going to need a second job to be able to provide for their family. However, with the amount of jobs that Wal-mart takes away from that community also reduces the amount of jobs available for that person to work at. It causes an endless pattern of this across the nation and now Wal-mart is beginning to spread into other countries because they are meeting so much resistance from communities all over the US.

  9. Jim Buddell says:

    Hooray for Wal-Mart. Why are beating up successful people? I think they’ve done well for themselves and this country. Capitalism works.

  10. Enleger says:

    The reason Wal-Mart could succeed when they started was because the local retailers in a small town gouged and fleeced the local consumers they were in the same community with. Had they not tried to make it where they were ensuring family riches for unborn generations…Wal Mart never would have had a chance. Wal Mart and stores like them are a by product of that small town greed.

  11. Jonerot says:

    You all need to form a Union and force wal-mart to either accept the union or close all its stores.
    Unions are the only answer to the employment practices of wal-mart.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    @ Jim Buddell – so what your saying is Walmart should pocket the 15 million profit, and let taxpayers pick up the tab for food, shelter and clothing that their employees don’t earn enough to pay for on the job? Really?

    Seems to me companies like Walmart should be paying the hands of labor that made their company successful out of THEIR profits so they have a living wage before taxpayers have to subsidize their livelihood. That’s what’s wrong with most of our country now – – – – manipulative, unregulated, greed.

  13. Darren McDonald says:

    I worked for Wal-mart for a year in Tyler, TX. While it was not the worst job I ever had, it was close. Everything in the article is accurate. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but in general, I’ve seen what this describes.

    One item that is left out is the number of part-time employees. Wal-mart encourages part time shifts so they pay fewer benefits. Yes, there are opportunities for people to move up in the company, but I heard and saw first hand the treatment of managers in training. They’re effectively used as extra labor to fill in where there is not enough staff meanwhile having this carrot dangled in front of them that they will eventually have their own store. I do not know what percentage of trainees ever realize that “dream.” Last I knew (early ’90s) a Wal-mart manager made about $70k a year, but would receive a huge bonus ($150-250k) if the store reached certain levels of efficiency (cost/profit). Guess how many employees get a share of that bonus? Zero is the correct answer.

    The last time I visited a local Wal-mart a few years ago, I was appalled at how few registers were open. The store was built with 24-30 checkout lanes, but only the 3-4 closest to the doors were manned, and every register had 5+ people in line. Customer service is not in Wal-mart’s vocabulary.

    My biggest complaint about Wal-mart is the quality of products they sell. They are duping Americans into believing they are saving money. In actuality they are wasting more. Take an example of a package of ballpoint pens. At an office supply store a package may cost you $10, but they are 100% full of ink and will last you months if not years. The same (or similar) brand and package of pens at Wal-mart may cost less, but look closely at the pen tube. All that I have ever checked are 50-75% full. They’ll last you a few weeks and you’ll be back to buy more in the long run spending more money. Wal-mart forces their vendors to degrade their own products to reduce manufacturing costs or they buy cheaper, off-shore versions and sell them for cheaper. You get what you pay for, and if people cannot realize that they are re-buying the same products over and over again, that’s their own fault, but it allows Wal-mart to continue these poor practices.

  14. max says:

    What a bunch of garbage. Wal-Mart pays better wages than Target, employees over 1.4 miilion people directly and is a union bonanza if they could ever get in the door. fortunately for their shoppers the unions are not in and prices remain low. Here is a simple theory, if you so dislike Wal-Mart, don’t work their or don’t shop there.
    But when you factor in the people that work on the supply chain of the trucks, computers, fuel, and products they sell, the number of people touched by this company that donates tons of money to charity is enormous. You get what you pay for, the non brand name products are of that value, but you know that going in. They have more women working for them than does Target, promote more from within and hire lots of people. The same old arguments of job killing were made when cars came into being, refrigerators came into being ( remember the ice man, lol) but just like automation, it actually creates jobs, because of the spin offs that did not exist before.

  15. Mike says:

    How much do greeters and cashiers want to be paid? Why are their wages being compared to what it would take to raise a family of 4? These are lowskill jobs that at even at “fair” wages, can’t afford a family anyways. I understand Walmart could treat their employees better, but this is a case of entitlement. I wouldn’t work at a Taco Bell or McDonalds and expect to be paid enough to raise a family. Get motivated. Do something for yourself. Don’t blame others.

    If their only skill Is to stock shelves or tell people where the tomatoes are at, then they have to better themselves.

    Retail stores or fast food restaurants are only meant for hs students, college students, or people starting off. If you’re 32 and pumping out your 4th kid while still working at Walmart, whose fault is that?

  16. JPB says:

    So, the fact that consumers across the country save hard earned money by shopping there doesn’t enter into the equation??? Again, nothing but bashing the successful in favor of mediocrity. I own a small business which has been negatively impacted by any number of Big Box or discount stores over the years. It makes the smart business people better. The ones who don’t want to change or are stuck in “that’s how we’ve always done it” deserve what they get. If not Walmart, then some other will force efficiency into the market. Evolve or die is been fundamental to all business, blaming Walmart and the Walton family for providing what the public wants is just plain idiotic. And face it, many of the Walmart employees, bless them, would never make any more money anywhere else, they simply don’t bring in the revenue to even be competitive in a smaller concern.

  17. Ron says:

    Marc Gardner points out the story of the Walmart store closed because they voted to unionize.Just shows you how frightened the company is of unions. The more stores that vote in the union the more stores the company will close if they continued that policy. Seems to me the ideal solution – they would close themselves down – or evolve to a more enlightened company. But then where are all those laid off employees going to work? Maybe at the next store down the street that buys the same Chinese merchandise but can now sell it at a higher price since they don’t have to compete with WM?

  18. Kathleen Galt says:

    On Monday Nov. 26th on WAMU/NPR’s Kojo Nnamdi show there were so many misstatements about Walmart that my head was spinning. Kojo allowed one of his guest to say that there was no difference in pay or health care coverage between Walmart, Starbucks and Whole Foods. Kojo did not even challenge that hooey. No mention during the show about the Walton family being subsidized by US taxpayers The screener of the show allowed three men through and no women. I was on line waiting and going to bring up these very serious mistakes that were allowed to be repeated as well as wanting to ask the President of the SEIU Mary Kay Henry about the SEIU’s efforts to help unionize nurses aides across the country who receive some of the most pathetic pay and work harder than anyone I have ever seen. Folks should go listen to the State of the Union at the Kojo Nnamdi show and listen to the show. Clearly Kojo and his team did little to no research on the topic so that he could ask tougher questions and have some facts to back him up. Starbucks and Whole Foods should loudly object to what was said on his program covering their pay and their health care coverage to Walmarts

  19. Sara says:

    I totally agree with the article. We are all hurting ourselves by shopping at walmart. I work at a grocery store and my insurance for my family cost me 12 dollars a week and it is great insurance. I make almost twice minimum wage. And the company I work for does not make anything that walmart makes. Walmart could do so much more for their employees as well as the community. It isn’t just one persons experience with working at walmart, the article is talking about the company at large. Yes, the company probably pays the managers good money but not the people below them. And there are more workers below the managers then there are managers. I say stop shopping at walmart. And if you work at walmart get yourself a new job.

  20. Daniel J says:

    The real benefit of Wal-Mart is that they help the poor more than any government program ever could. Let me explain, the average person who shops at Wal-Mart saves $2500 per year. Even if you don’t believe in the accuracy of that number you certainly wouldn’t say that people spend more money shopping at WalMart (that would mean that WalMart would no longer have a value proposition and would eventually go out of business.. and that’s not happening). So if you can be intellectually honest, you have to admit that a $2500 annual check your pocket is better than anything the government has done for you lately.

    Second, I would like to point out that a tax break/incentive is not the same as a “Taxpayers paying the price for Wal-Mart”. This is really uniformed, and you clearly don’t understand how property taxes work. If Wal-Mart gets an incentive from a local municipality to open a new store in an area the town gets to receive property tax revenue from Wal-Mart for 25+ years. In the several hundred thousand dollar range annually !! I’d say that’s a pretty good tradeoff for many rural towns that have little tax revenue to support their infrastructure costs. By the way, Wal-Mart isn’t the only company that negotiates tax incentives with State and local governments- Google, Micorsoft, Amazon, Apple, Target,- all do it too!

    A few economics and finance classes would help you to better understand how these things work. And if you don’t like WalMart don’t shop there. I am all for you exercising your freedom to choose! Many other Americans have already exercised their freedom to choose and they chose to shop at Wal-Mart!

  21. Chris says:

    @Mike, i hope you are still getting updates on this,because you need a serious reality check. I applaud anyone who is working what they can to take the burden off others rather than freeloading on society. To say that Someone working as a Wal-mart cashier or door greeter should know they can’t afford a family and insinuate that they should not have one for that reason is ludicrous to say the least. That combined with the fact that you paint them as unmotivated is insulting to me personally. I am a United States Air Force veteran who lives in a small town where Wal-mart is THE major retailer for our entire county. The turn over rate for ALL employment in this county is appalling and i have been the victim of it more than once for no other reason than corporate greed. I have many years of retail management experience, but at this point i would take any job that pays even some of my bills. As to it being an entitlement issue, I agree, but not for the same reasons you do. Having also worked for Wal-mart, I can speak to their practices. I worked for Sam’s club in the next county, over 30 miles from my home, because it was what was available at the time. i went very quickly from my max 34 hours to sometimes only 18-20 per week. I feel if people work hard they ARE entitled to have something to show for it. next time you cash out anywhere, try to imagine how that person eneded up helping you out there rather than looking down on them. they may be a college graduate like my best friend, who has a degree in jet propulsion, who had the market drop out just as they graduated and were forced to pull carts at the same Sam’s club I worked at years before and move back in with his father. Wake up Mike and weigh your words carefully.

  22. And what, McDonald’s pays top dollar? All mega corporations are poverty jobs. My daughter has been working at McDonald’s for nearly 5 years, and only gets paid $9.50 an hour, but is scheduled only two days (at most) per week. Can you live on $158 a week? And that’s a good week!

    Everyone who has a job at Walmart should be glad they have a job at all. There are so many that are barely surviving on the streets with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and it was -18 degrees here last night. How many Walmart employees were sitting out there with no home to go to?

    Be glad you have a job! And those who buy from Walmart, remember you are paying their wages. By boycotting them, you are relegating many to the ranks of homeless and hungry.

    Their other issues, such as China warehouses and non-payment of taxes aside, they do help in communities that have nothing without them.

  23. Timothy says:

    @ I agree that Walmart can improve some of it practices. I don’t have a problem with the pay they give cashiers and customer service people. The issue arises when at the store I worked for payed the merchandise un-loaders only 7.80 at the time. This was done on 2nd shift which had no pay increase. Our 3rd shift got a 2 dollar an hour SD but they were talking about getting rid of that and some stores in the Omaha NE area reduced it down to just around 1 dollar. Their insurance was better than none but started to cost more when they switched providers. Also Obamacare made some of their option obsolete. It wouldn’t pass the guidelines set with in it. The Walmart that closed for retalliation could have been sued to keep open. That was blatantly clear retaliatory act. Oh on right to work state. I agree with them a person should have the choice if they want to belong or not. They should not be forced into something and be forced to pay the dues. In right to work states you basically pay to vote and people who are union shop members will generally be fought for more by the union. The others pretty much get bare minimum and don’t say it isn’t this way I worked in a union labor job before myself.

  24. JP says:

    A corrupt ,predatory, thug of a company. Twenty two states have lawsuits against them for predatory pricing designed to limit competition. A larger corporate welfare recipient than any “welfare queen”. A community loses three jobs for every two they create. Yea, this company is a wonderful community citizen. They are after one thing and that’s as much of the money in your community as they can siphon off using every legal and not so legal method at their disposal.

  25. Nancy says:

    If you don’t like Walmart not only shouldn’t you shop there (which I don’t) but when one of these monsters wants to move into your neighborhood petition against it. Maybe have done just that and won.

  26. P. Sherman says:

    Walmart is bad for America. The end.

  27. Gina Escobar says:

    What would it hurt you to, help a few middle class people that are trying to succeed. Your father helped many! I send a message yesterday, and you didn’t release it, why?

  28. Joanne says:

    The fact of the matter is that WALMART is the modern day version of “sweat shops” is WALMART! They treat their employees like crap and they expect state governments to cover their employees medical expenses. At least daddy sold “American Made” but now it is now pretty much a bunch of China Junk. I like a good deal as much as the next guy or gal but I will not give this money grubbing family one plug nickel!

  29. Nina says:

    Since when does Wal-Mart give an evaluation and raise every six months? Try every year. Wal-Mart is not fair in their payment of their employees. I’ve worked as both a door greeter and cashier, as well as a floor sales associate. If Wal-Mart gives you hours, you’re barely making above minimum wage, and if you make more than minimum wage, you’re not getting hours. Wal-Mart does not care about how their employees are treated and does not care to help work around school and class schedules.

  30. Wanda says:

    Talk to some employees who work for Walmart, both in California and Arkansas. What has been said about the salary and benefits is true. I spoke with these people prior to Walmart being exposed for its violation of labor laws. If you are pro Walmart, then it would appear you are supporting poverty. When Walmart practices unfair labor and gets it merchandise imported, moved from the loading docks to the warehouse, and its employees stock and supply the shelves, who benefits, the low wage employees receiving medical assistance and food stamps from government programs or Walmart who is a billiion dolllar industry. You choose!

  31. Olivia says:

    I work 33 hours a week because if they schedule me that one extra hour, they have to pay me benefits. I make 7.65 an hour and still got rejected by the state of AL for food stamps. Also I don’t have insurance, even though taxes come out of my paycheck for medicaid. So, that just shows you how shitty they are.

  32. Peter McGuire says:

    All you hear as a customer is “we are so much cheaper.”

    There is a comment about ball point pens having less ink and how Wall Mart forces its suppliers to lower prices which forces them to reduce quality.

    I am not a big Wall Mart shopper, in fact I pride myself about how many days or months I can go without going into a store. I will go occasionally and usually to price compare. I am not a big computer geek either but I priced PC’s a couple of years ago and I could see how Wall Mart tricks people. In the purchase of a computer, they sell for slightly less with substantially less memory. I ended getting the best deal at Staples, of all places! Enormous memory I found on the computer and nice package deal.

    Dollar stores also trick people by selling customers something for a dollar that you can buy most any other place – FOR LESS than a dollar!

  33. Cathy says:

    I had a retail store and I sold the exact item 60 percent less than Walmart did and still made a good profit and I know they purchase their goods allot cheaper than I could. So when they tell you they offer the cheapest price they are conning the people. I also worked for Walmart and about starved to death. They have put many business out and now instead of many people aging their own business and a shot at the American dream it’s just the Walton family banking billions

  34. Cathy says:

    Exactly when you work at Walmart when the wages go up the hours you work comes down. Been there done that

  35. Anonymous says:

    I have been with wal-mart 20 years had some awful years and good years.
    You will never find a perfect employer. My pay is very good
    Benefits are ok but look at the industry.

  36. Liam says:

    Dear Americans,

    You are slowly being sucked dry and you come up with all types of arguments to say that it is correct and the American way etc etc. Walmart would still make huge profits and still be one of the richest families in the world even if they treated their employees normally, and normally, is an honest days work for an honest days pay. What Walmart does is they use the US market to sell all their import goods, which most are, and you say that is the American Way. How dare you! You insult some of the great companies that grew strong and great in America and still knew how to look after their employees. Walmart are extremely unethical in how they treat workers, and the people here complaining about them are using the only means possible to them to vent their feelings about Walmart, they would definitely not be tolerated internally if they came out with the stories some of you have been telling here. (let’s not even look at how they treat their suppliers in China)

    It is a shame and disgusting, that now that the Cold War is over, the payback has never come, the Waltons are like the rest of the 1% of the U.S. Getting richer and richer, and to support this way of doing business is extremely short -term, it is bad for the country, it’s divisive in society because the differences are huge and should not be tolerated.

    Nothing justifies earning the same as the bottom 30% of American Society by just six family members, this is pure greed, greed in its worse form. When a country needs its people to pull together, what does the top 1% do? Exactly, make more and more! Shame on you! What type of country are you leaving behind you for your children and children’s children; this is the dead-end street greed!

    You don’t compare to find reasons why something is good or bad, so it’s nonssense to say “Look at the average” or “or look at Company X” that doesn’t make anything good, it only shows that there is a huge amount of inequality out there.

  37. Liam says:

    Consider the following:
    “Assume that the earner is in good health and manages to work a full 40 hours a week (the average workweek of American workers is only 34 hours)35 at a wage somewhat above the minimum: say, around $8.50 per hour, so that after paying his Social Security tax, he gets $8 per hour, and thus receives $16,640 for his 2,080 hours. Assume he pays no income tax, but his employer charges him $200 a month for health insurance for his entire family and picks up the rest of the $550 per month cost of insurance. This brings his take-home pay to $14,240 a year. If he is lucky, he might be able to find a two-bedroom apartment (with utilities included) for $700 a month. This leaves him with $5,840 to cover all other family expenses for the year. Like most Americans, he may consider a car a basic necessity; insurance, gas, maintenance, and depreciation on the vehicle could easily take up some $3,000. The family’s remaining funds are $2,840—under $3 a day per person—to cover basic expenses like food and clothing, not to mention things that make life worth living, like entertainment. If something goes wrong, there is simply no buffer.”

    Excerpt from. The Price of Inequality

  38. Memnon says:

    I have joined this discussion to appeal to our universal need to maintain what was, until recently, the greatest blessing and “engine” of human freedom and dignity to date in human history; the U.S. capitalistic system. With all of its deficiencies and imprefections, it has done more to advance human rights, freedom and peace thoughout the world than any other economic model or framework to date.

    But all great blessings require vigilance and ongoing refinement to be benificial in the long run. In this regard the current economic system has deviated from a long term sustainable course and without substative correction it will soon decline rapidly into a mechanism for inequity, disenfranchisement plitical and social unrest. The follwing brief comments use facts about Walmart, not to unfairly malign or denergrate its impressive econmic achivements as a model of the U.S. capitalistic system, but to illustrate the ways in which the seeds of destruction are sown and grow along with the harvest. History repeatedly documents how great societies were undermined and ultimately failed not from enemies or attacks from outside, but from unaddressed and fatal defects from within.

    First, Walmart is as much about providing equitable benefits to its employees as well as its stockholders. It should be acknowleged that working may not mean you are rich but it also should mean you have the economic means to providefor your basic necessaties from your wages and benefits. If any company cannot “afford” to pay wages and benefits sufficient to exceed the poverty rate in its area of operation it SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS. This is NOT socialism but the concept of capitalism applied to the essential labor component of the economic system. When a capital investment decision is made there is a MINIMUM RATE OF RETURN applied to the decision. If that minimum or hurdle rate of retrun isn’t reached or maintained the capital isn’t invested or withdrawn from that business. The hurdle rate for labor is the minumum wage. If any company is not meeting that wage rate then TAXES NEED TO BE ASSESSED against that business to compensate the local, state and federal entities for providing these basic necessities in lieu of wages and benefits. This would end the inequitable transfer of private ordinary and necessary business costs to the public. This is true capitalism, where the business owner(s) meets its cost from either its capital or income without a defacto subsidy from government. These taxes should be assesed and shared with all the governmental agencies providing benefits.
    Second, can Walmart pay its all employees at least $25,000 per year? According to Walmart’s latest filed annual report it has over 1.4 million domestic employees. By simply math the total wages for this would be $35 Billion per year. Again according to Walmart’s annual report its operations salaries and general adminstrative expenses was $89 Billion. That means Walmart could easily pay EVERY EMPLOYEE at least $25,000 per year out of its current budget. Projected cost of this initative would be approximaely 39% of current operational expenses.

    To further underscore Walmart’s financial capcacity to do this is the fact of its reported operating profits of $28 Billion before taxes. Assuming 75% of Walmart’s employees are hourly the projected additional cost would be approximately $3.5 Billion or 12.5% of reported operational income. Walmart would be able to do this keeping PRICES THE SAME, but its profits would decrease to permit Walmart to have a 14.5% annual return on assests instead of the reported 18%, well above the S&P median of annual return on assets of approximaetly 10%.

    Walmart earlier this year made a commendable public commitment to hire 100,000 veterans by 2018. While this it is praiseworthy for Walmart to hire the heroes, it would be asn insult to do so at wages and benefits below the poverty level. If our federal government made certain our veterans and their families were not impoverished while serving our Republic then they have the right to expect the same in now serving Walmart.

  39. Rod Stewart says:

    I have applied to wal mart three different times. I have never committed a crime, honorably discharged veteran and worked at meijer store number of years ago. I can;t figure out why each time I applied I have to answer numerous foodstamp questions? I have never been on medicaid or welfare in my 42 years of life. Also the last time I applied this lady called me from CA on behalf of wal mart thanking me for applying and being a veteran? WTF? So the 4th time di I lie and say oh yes I have been on foodstamps and it’s been within the last 6 months? This company is like GM very.very.very crooked indeed.

  40. kirstie says:

    For the record…

    They ask the questions about food stamps for tax purposes. So do a lot of other grocery stores, gas stations and other places as well.

    I work at walmart.
    I started out $1.50 above minimum wage.
    I work 30-38 hours every week.
    I have a family of six but I have
    This job because we are trying to buy a house.
    My husband has an amazing job and
    Supports us very well but me working
    Has given us a chance to work towards a house.

    While working at walmart I have recieved calls from
    Kroger, main street market, aarons, walgreens
    And three diffetent gas stations.
    None of these offered me a higher wage
    Or more hours.

  41. Patriot1 says:

    I don’t shop at WalMart anymore. There’s a lot of things I don’t like about them, but what pushed me over the edge was finding out that they make their employees work on Thanksgiving. That’s just greed pure and simple. Not only should they be closed for Thanksgiving, but they should be giving their employees paid holidays, at least Christmas and Thanksgiving. I used to work for a small company with 18 employees and we got seven paid holidays per year. If a company that size can afford it, then WalMart can surely afford to pay their employees for Christmas and Thanksgiving. The most important thing in this world, after God, is FAMILY. When WalMart forces their employees to work on Thanksgiving, they are keeping them from time they should be spending with their families, lost time that can never be recovered. They are trampling on that which is sacred. I’ll bet the Walton family enjoys their Thanksgiving holiday, they sure as hell probably don’t work. I guess they have one set of standards for themselves and another for their peon slave employees. Look at Chick-Fil-A. They’re a large corporate fast food chain and they’re always closed on Sundays so their employees can spend time with their families. EVERY SUNDAY! That’s 52 days a year! It doesn’t seem to hurt them any, in fact, they’ve become even bigger and are opening up more locations all over the country. Chick-Fil-A is owned by the Kathy family, who, unlike the Waltons, are Christians and put God and family before the almighty dollar. The Waltons have no sense of decency or honor whatsoever, they only care about money. People are just disposable trash as far as they’re concerned. That’s why I’ll never shop there again as long as I live.

  42. Sgt Joseph Reyna says:

    I am a Marine Corps veteran who worked at Walmart store 443
    In Hondo Tx – I was fired after a year by a disrespectful manager
    Who treated me like crap. I was a very hard worker and never missed and always on time .
    Walmart sucks – excuse my French . AT least I left with my honor.

  43. Vickie Hargis says:

    Shame Shame on Wal mart they should care about the people but they are to greedy and self centered.

  44. Russell says:

    The family had better just stay in their bunker type home, because someday there will be an uprising/revolution of the working and impoverished in the corporate run countries (usa & canada). Any one percenters had better have somewhere to run and hide cause its a coming people, its coming and there’s not a damn thing the government can do about it!

  45. Glenn says:

    All I have to say is if you work at walmart you have a job….would everyone rather I be unemployed? Its a retail business so how much money do you think we should make this is ridiculous

  46. Fred Wallick says:

    I worked for McCrory’s 5 & 10 in the early 90’s. I did not work in the store, but in their IT department. They went bankrupt because they could not compete against the “Walmart Way” of doing business, so I lost my job. They used to pride themselves on American Made products, now Walmart is helping making China into a financial Super Power while those poor Chinese people (and the kids too?) work for pennies a day…!

  47. Peba says:

    Do you know that every electronic device you own was made in Japan and /or China or has parts made in Japan and/or China? It has been that way since the end of World War II. Walmart had no hand in that. Do you know that most of your popular toys were made in Hong Kong or Malaysia long before Walmart ever opened their doors? Did you know that the vehicles you drive have been made in foreign countries since before I could drive? (I’m 41) Walmart wasn’t responsible for that either. But what I’d really like to know is what a union would do for Walmart. If the local competitors are union and they aren’t offering better pay, hours or benefits than Walmart, why would anyone in their right mind think that a union is going to turn Walmart in to a worker’s Utopia?

  48. Honey BooBoo says:

    I know first hand how they operate over there at Walmart. So, now that they only hire Part Time / Temporary people and they can do what they want with you with in a yr. how does one have a full time job and get health insurance. There process to get medical insurance, you have to be with them for 1 full yr to get insurance. Now there hiring ways are you are at there mercy for a yr. But now days they don’t keep you the full yr. to avoid giving ins. I hope this has changed in 2014. Then on the news they said they start people out at $12.00 per hours. Never NeverNever. Who is the last face you see when your done shopping and ready to check out ? A hopefully friendly Cashier. Not even here in California does a cashier get $12.00 a hour. Been there done that. I was always there, never late, went above my job duties and never hit $12.00 hr. I have seen this co. go down hill since it became a Super Center. You mean nothing to them, unless you suck up. Your a Face and a Name and thats it. Sorry to say Walmart. one day your $$$$$$$$$ will be at risk.

  49. Elizabeth Vega says:

    Walmart should consider increasing their employee wages without increasing the prices of their products by giving up some of their own compensation. What would happen if they paid their employees say, $15.00 dollars per hour. Where would they be most likely to spend it? at Walmart.

    This would save tax payer dollars because their employees would not have to rely on government subsidies and they would contribute more in local taxes. They could buy a home which would benefit local banks. Buying a home might also improve real-estate values in their local communities.

    Who would gain the most? Walmart, because their reputation would be far more favorable, because employees would not have an incentive to unionize, and because their employee retention/work satisfaction would improve. This would lead to better customer service for their customers.

    Lets’ put the fairness issue aside. If they increased wages, everyone benefits. This is called enlightened interest.

  50. Joshua says:

    Thus company punishes its employees by charging the store for every accident it has. (Which comes straight out of the profit sharing for the store.) It offloads the penalty the government gives them for unsafe work areas onto its employees.

  51. Austin says:

    Working at Wal-Mart, within three months my wages went from 8.95, to 9.85. I was only required to work 4 days a week putting off a total of 64 hours a payday (bi-weekly). I enjoy Wal-Mart, and I feel that it is a very great place to work. The staff and crew are very family oriented, but I must say, everyone is human, and there are many people that worked so hard that sweat would run down their face, and never received a raise. The only people who received raises (including me), were the people who were always maintaining friendships with the managers. I think that the employees are completely Underpaid for the amount of customers, paperwork, and stress they have to deal with everyday.

  52. Jeff says:

    I find sites like this interesting. They quote “facts” based on biased studies. The purpose is to bash a company that is doing more to help real peopl and communities that any union (probably this websites sponsor) ever did because Walmart doesn’t have unions. So the union cannot support the (un) democrat party. The party that pretends to be for the middle class but reality is they are enslaving the middle class by making them more dependent on govenrment every day. Wake up people. There is only so much money the (un) democrat party can give away until there are no more producers. Then, the party is over…see Greece, Spain, France…

  53. Wally says:

    You have to wonder at the people defending Walmart, and what exactly their motives are. A willingness to see Walmart employees paid so little they are forced to apply for Medicaid and Food Stamps, while claiming that Walmart is good for communities, demonstrates either dishonesty or ignorance. Billionaires getting even richer by abusing laborers, consumers, and the environment is not something any decent, intelligent person would be willing to defend. What’s really funny is, in real life I’ve never met anyone who so eagerly defended Walmart. Makes you wonder if Walmart isn’t just forcing underpaid managers to log on to various websites to write defensive comments in the hopes that the deception will fool a few fools.

  54. Wally World Hater says:

    Walmart sucks in every aspect of the word “suck”. They buy their products, for cheap, from China where kids are used as slaves in factories for no pay at all and the put and 80% raise on it and sell it in stores. They also treat the employees badly. They pay them as little as possible. Just enough so they don’t get in trouble. Really what kind of low life do you have to be to do that to another human being like your self? What the hell were you thinking Walmart? Ill tell you what you were thinking. Or better yet ill tell you what you were not thinking. You were not thinking of anyone but yourselves! way to go Walmart I hope you are happy!

  55. jay says:

    Walmart sucks!what ever happened to the american dream to own a house a car to go to work in,and insurence.since the unionization has gone down so has this dream

  56. savannah says:

    i like walmart in it is a good store to shop at so if yhalllll dont like it then dont go there

  57. bc guest says:


  58. Beck says:
  59. Richard says:

    Good Ol’ Sam Walton! Remember his homespun spiel about all the “Made in America” goods his stores sold? Try and find anything made in the USA now. There’s nothing folksy or cuddly in the way these hypochristians amassed this evil empire (did you know his daughter, billionaire Alice drives around drunk, killing people?…look it up). From the start the plan was to get rich off the employees and those unfortunate manufacturers who believed the faux patriotism.

    Once WalMart started gaining momentum it started crushing American manufacturers. When they knew they were an important account they started in, first forcing manufacturers to make cheaper products, next forcing manufacturers to lay off or not hire new workers, then forcing American manufacturers into moving to places where they can enslave and pollute in unsafe working conditions, in places like Mexico, India and China. Even those companies too big to run off were forced into making cheaper or deceptive products (how full is your chip bag when you open it? how much more space can they sneak under a little yogurt cup? Why is Hershey’s putting air into spaces previously occupied by chocolate?)

    WalMart is Anti-America! They seek to make this just another third world nation.

    Corporate Welfare Queen

  60. Joseph S says:

    Wow did you ever notice the workers who always complain no matter where they work its always the Company s fault. LMAO Maybe they’re a bit lazy, and never learned to create their own power of exceptionalism where ever they work?. NO PAIN NO GAIN instead they blame. So sad thats why they have and own nothing.

  61. brian says:

    Can we quit comparing the salary of one worker to the poverty line for a family of four.

  62. Johnc343 says:

    I really like your blog.. very nice colors &amp theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thank you eckkecgkbkad

  63. june55roses says:

    I just got a full time position at a new Wal-mart in my area and from what I was reading
    it sure is looking like that was a bad idea with the negative comments. No where
    in retail work is there a perfect store. If there is please email me the list.

  64. Steve says:

    The family that owns the company are among the richest people in the world. They’ve gotten rich off of cheap labor. Cheap products. And the lower working class that shop there.

  65. Todd says:

    Walmart is a corporate virus who’s only purpose is to make money at any cost.

    The purpose is:

    Not to help families

    Not to improve the ecomony

    Not to build or sustain new middle class business

    To pay as little as possible for wages

    To utilize tax loopholes to the max

    To leverage Government funding assistance as much as possible

    To compete and beat out local vendors

    The purpose of a mega or virus corp is to monopolize and make money. We asked for capitalism – where here it is, everything we asked for.

    The benefits of the convenience of shiny toys and cheap groceries is being paid by each and every one of us in the raking of our communites. Deny it all you want, but you can’t deny the list above.

    I would love to see a list showing me the benefits of this viral coprp coming into a community.

    I believe it comes down to choice. If you shop there then you are making a choice to support the above or are simply ignorant of your power as a consumer.

  66. Marty says:

    Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks

  67. Matty says:

    I use to work for walmart full time They started me over night at $8.50 a hour thats with a $1.50 extra for working over night they had managers manning clock in stations on thursday making any employ who had to much time wait anywhere from 1 minuet to 2 hours I was once forced to wait 32 minuets cause as a maintiance I cleaned up spills as well as pulled trash cleaned bathrooms an when milkspill 5 minuets before my shift was up I had gto use a mop since the “rider” was on charge dead an all the removable parts off an cleaned So I was forced to stay an clean up a extra 32 minuets making me lat for my other job or lose my night job then forced to sit and wait for 32 minuets or lose my job the walmart CBL system does offer a small chapter on globel ethics but I was given 30 minuets to complet most cbls an they usaly take a hour or more an when you try and report a issue there numbers leads to machines that don’t work half the time an only accept calls at random hours an if you go to a manager there is a bigger risk of getting fired an at my location on Emerson Ave in beech grove Indiana Tom the store manager an Brad his over night Manger often say things like I don’t careif you got another job or quit you can be replaced easy My share is nothing to brag about the concept of if you make me a million dollars I give you a dime an then subtract from that for things you have no control over as to hours an health care I was cut down from 40 hours to 38 to prevent over time cause no approved overtime excpet for black friday then cut down again to 32 hours or 30 hours depending on there computer system now odd thing about this is As a over night crew we was under manned 5 employes only 3 full time hours all over the age of 50 one over the age of 65 two under the age of 25 expected to completly clean a super store while customers shop change trash collect over 3,000 carts an would cut 2 hours or 12 of the work force to prevent any ne working les than a year from benifits promised if we work hard now I had a good review an was offered a 40 cent raise 8 months after i was hired not six an no health insurance I was expecting tto be able to aply for my year working there I saw over 30 new people come in go three new store managers two over night mangers ( Brad being the only one from my start date to finish ) an far to many asstiant mangers to keep count .. I started as a stoker over night an we had to task in to the task manger an it had a time limit per task they cliamed to be the maxmium time required an would often expect you to finish in half the time an if two people we assaigned same task they would cut that time in half even if two hands didn’t speed up time that much an often I would get ten full pallets but only half would be mine so i would have to down stack it an send mine off to where it belonged stop any and every time a customer needed help an the raises as I was told by Lifers who worked there over 5 to 20 years get smaller and smaller an are capped at $15.00 now as to wage debate after a year I would only be making $8.90 so if every 6 months as they cliam I got the same raise its $0.80 a year after five years i would be making only $12.50 a year an four years from now I doubt $12.50 will provide for a family ten years It would be $16.50 but with the cap I wouldn’t be able to recive a raise after 8 years unless promoted to salary

  68. Katie says:

    I’ve worked at Wal-mart for 8 years and the most I’ve made was $13.95 and that was before I decided to give up supervising due to the fact I was supervising people with the same pay grade a myself.. It is true they are greedy, from a manager point of view, we were trying to eliminate full-time positions, so when a full-time person quit or get fired we could hirer two part-time associates and only schedule them 24 hours or less. Also in the future they’re going to be hiring from temps to eliminate part-time position. Not even going to start on gender pay difference, yes, your gender does make a difference, there was even a law suit around 2007 that was settled in favor of women being discriminated. On a positive note SAMs is better with pay. :)

  69. RC Barron says:

    When will American workers and shoppers grow some courage and walk out of places like Walmart? Until they do you can bet these companies can take from them all they can get. French and German workers would NEVER tolerate the terms, low pay and work requirements of a company like Walmart . And they are smarter, richer, healthier and happier for it. Stop being victims America!!

  70. Brian Duda says:

    So one person in a family of 4 makes about $15,000. The poverty level for a family of 4 is $23,492. Two people working = $30,000 total income. Simply put, if you want to be above poverty, both of you have to work. And if you’re single, the poverty line is only $12,000. If it’s still unacceptable to make near the poverty line (but still above it) then you should apply yourself and get beyond a job at walmart. Everyone cannot be making tons of money without lots of production/work completed to back it up. If you fight to pay more but do not produce more, you’ll just see higher prices.

    I commend walmart for making a more efficient store if they only need 2 employees for every 3 employees at another store. Although from personal experience, I think shopping at walmart sucks due to slow lines and low help, so likely they are just suffering low quality customer service in exchange for cheap prices. Well what do Americans prefer? I think cheap prices. Or else walmart would not succeed and the stores who have the better service would be getting all of the business!

    I laugh at the argument that the low wages cost the people money in taxes because of hand outs by the government. If we truly think it’s a problem, stop giving the hand outs. Maybe if they were not there, the people would be more economical with what they’re willing to work for or they would apply themselves more so the country gains more wealth. Whether the money comes in the form of higher pay for the same work or hand outs by the government makes no difference. The price of items will still increase if someone makes more money than they are worth. Simply economics.

    The problem with America is it thinks the dollar has value. It’s only relative value, not absolute value. You give more cash, the price goes up that much more. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter if Walmart has billions of dollars in money. If they gave that money to the people, the prices would go up that much more because the people didn’t work for it. Take away money from the brain. think about what you actually do. Would you trade all of these other products, food and luxeries like phones, house, car etc for the little Walmart associate job that you do, spending half your time hiding in the corner and texting your friends? Would you produce all of those things for that person? I doubt it. So stop talking about giving them more money. it’s foolish to think everyone in America can eat out every day and have 2 cars and live in a very nice place. Look at the rest of the world that works for us. Only the very high up people that sacrificed their lives to work hard rather than have fun get to have that. And soon that’s what it will be for America too as our grandparents’ luck and hard work finish fading away.

  71. dfsdfsdfsdf says:

    Every time I walk in Wal-Mart it is always super crowded. For whatever reason, people like to shop at Wal-Mart. The Walton family, rich as they are, are not forcing anyone to shop at Wal-Mart. A member of the Walton family does not show up at your door with shotgun in hand and say to you, “Now you better get the ##$ back in my Wal-Mart store and start shopping there!!!” The government can force you now to pay into health insurance. If you refuse, they can eventually burn you Waco style. No mention of the evil of that.

    If you guys hate Wal Mart so much, then band toghether and create your own internet store or retail store called “anti Walmart” or come up with some marketing PHD approved name and offer your employees 2-3 times what they make at Walmart and steal all the employees away from Wal-Mart!!! Oh wait, anyone leaving Wal-Mart will easily get replaced as there are plenty of unemployed.

    No one stops to really ask why things cost 1/10 or so back in the 60s compared to now. This entire board is devoid of mention of the Federal Reserve and how their crazy money printing has made it where 12000 dollars is not enough even when you are in dirt poverty. If the government stopped paying out welfare, walmart would be forced to pay out more or lower their prices or we have economic collapse and starving people in the streets. Government gets in bed with wallmart. government helps walmart pay crap because of welfare. The problem is not capitalism it is government socialism.

    No one seems to care also that the cost of college tuition has exploded and that if the price of gas went up the same as college tuition has, a gallon of gas would cost like $25.

    Stop and think for a minute about why things are really messed up in the world. Its not a simple matter of one rich family but its a combination of many factors. Rest assured that our current system cannot go on like this, our debt cannot keep going up forever, and eventually there will be an economic collapse. there has to be one.

  72. marie says:

    I am a walmart employee i don’t have children and still make below the poverty level walmart does not offer free health insurance and the deductible on it still makes it hard for employees to go to the doctor the bonuses you talk about are enough to cover anything if an employee gets one but management gets theirs every year if we wouldn’t lose our jobs we would unionize but in this economy if you lose that job it may be months before you get another one who can afford that if you want to know the truth talk to a walmart employee and i don’t mean management or corporate because their thoughts are everything is great why do you think most walmart employees look miserable if if they fake a smile and as for sick days you have to be out 3 days in a row and only get paid for 2 of them so if you have never

  73. marie says:

    Worked for walmart don’t think u know about them and the ones in the south only get evaluated once a year and that raise dose not match inflation sorry about 2 post

  74. Anonymous says:

    I do not like Walmart and I don’t usually shop there. However, the store gives all shoppers an opportunity to buy bargain priced goods.

    Walmart is the largest employer in the world. To say that Walmart is not a job creator is simply not the truth.

    So Walmart efficiently eliminates its competition and thereby employees of its competitors. Sounds like Business 101 to me. Walmart is not in business to provide jobs for its competition. There is no law requiring you to shop at Walmart. Shop at the competitor’s store if you want to pay more and keep their employees from being laid off.

    So Walmart jobs are poverty jobs. Walmart does not force any of its employees to work for them. If the employees have the ability to get a higher paying job, they should do it. Otherwise, the employees should thank Walmart for paying them more money than any other employer would pay them.

    So Taxpayers subsidize Walmart’s low wages. Again, if the employees have the ability to get a higher paying job, they should do it. Without Walmart employing them, they would either be on complete government assistance or they would have a lower paying job. Either way, Walmart is saving the government money. This is simple math.

  75. Duderino says:

    LoL, what ignorance! Who said that walmart’s or for any business, the commitment has to be to create jobs? The primary commitments are to the clients and to the shareholders. Walmart is not obliged to give you a job, be grateful if you have one at all, but do not take it for granted.

  76. Ben says:

    Does anyone know how much money the Canadian government gives Walmart?

  77. Phil says:

    There is no better store than Wal-Mart. Every employee I have talked to says its a fantastic company. The problem is the liberal government and unions are corrupt scum trying to steal more money from hard working people, so they shit on Walmart. For example, who do you think create this web page and most of the fake responses on it. I’ll give you one guess. The corrupt assholes called unions and government.

  78. Chris says:

    Want to pay more taxes? Then keep shopping at Walmart! How? Because most of what Walmart sells
    is imported from China and buying Chinese-made goods benefits the Chinese economy the same way that pouring gasoline on a fire makes it bigger. You are funding the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), and the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), thus driving up US defense spending and hence more taxes; you are also suppressing wages in competing industries, you are pay more taxes for welfare, health and food-stamp benefits for Walmart employees who earn an UNLIVABLE income. You are also killing jobs in the US. You are putting more people on welfare when wages are depressed. Think about it. Is it really worth the damage to the US economy to save a few bucks here and there? The more your subsidize greedy companies like Walmart, the tougher you make it on their competitors to survive. See “price rollback” signs in Walmart a lot? Of course you do. Do you think Walmart REALLY rolls back prices on some items to save you more money? Not hardly. They rolled the price back because the item wasn’t selling well. If it was selling well, then why would Walmart want to roll back the price? Makes no sense that they would want to.

  79. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked
    submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow,
    just wanted to say wonderful blog!

  80. darrell says:

    I work for walmart in huntsville alabama and I hate and love it….no they don’t pay you what your worth or for all the hard work you put into it…but at least I have a job…screw the politics of it all…cuz no matter what it’s the management in store and the type of people that make it a good or bad store…bad managers and crappie attitudes make for a crappie environment. …welcome to retail
    ..and no walmart as a whole does not care about you as a person or individual. ..they will fire you if you don’t conform to their will….period.

  81. Guadalupe says:

    Hola! I’ve been following your site for a long time now and finally got the
    courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Tx!

    Just wanted to say keep up the excellent work!

  82. Nick says:

    walmart gives a raise once per year.. here is only 40cents per year, no matter what no matter how hard you work. im glad some ppl enjoy walmart, i assume they are in the easy areas. recently in my store they have put a stop to moving current employees around and just hire new ones, (this came from SM mouth)
    .hours cut in half store wide to prepare for holiday bump..

  83. John says:

    How anybody but the wealthiest can defend Walmart’s practices is quite perplexing and masochistic. Corporations don’t care about you and they will do everything in their power to continue to exploit. How stupid can some people be. This isn’t capitslism like we think it is. Their main objective is to monopolize and exploit. It’s so fustrating to hear average folks defend those that could care less for you. Are we this brainwashed?

  84. john says:

    I worked for Walmart here in meridian Idaho for two yrs. It truly did suck all the way through because the store manager was a jerk to me. I have a disability and he treated me like crab. I remember he wrote me up for something I never did wrong. The whole thing was fabricated in order for him to get rid of me. If Walmart would treat their associates better and with some respect they might get some good workers for a change. I was a good worker who did not deserve to be treated the way I was treated. the store manager who treated me like shit is James Miller. Not the the nicest guy you will ever meet. He is probably the meanest man you will ever meet.

  85. john says:

    I have seen how they treat their people. It is absolutely terrible all the way through with regard to how they interact with their employees. If you want tyrannical rule then choose Walmart. My mom refuses to shop their at all.

  86. Josh says:

    Minimum wage should always be viewed as a starting point. If you’ve worked for years and are still earning minimum wage, that’s on you and not the company. Listen, I personally can’t stand Wal-Mart; however, it serves a purpose. Wal-Mart owns the market. Most American families shop at Wal-Mart and they do so to save money. It’s like a drug, if people didn’t want it around, it would not exist. Folks seem to think that it’s all about the owners…the truth is, it’s all about the shoppers. Historically, their prices are lower, which by the way is the same reason employees earn less. A guy who sells Hondas for a living doesn’t earn the same amount as the guy who sells Porsche. Employees of Wal-Mart sell junk and their pay reflects that simple fact.

  87. Tammy says:

    Walmart is a disgrace and should be shut down. For good!

  88. James Warbington says:

    I worked for walmart for 3 years. When I started, they actually have a routine to sign you up for Food Stamps and all government assistance during the orientation process. Which is really messed up to take a job to get you away from Government assistance, only part of their plan is to help you get it. I never got benefits, but I was disgusted at the fact it was part of their written orientation. This is what America doesn’t see or know. It might be low prices at the registers, but you are paying for it in the long term. Don’t be short sighted, at the end of the day that “deal you got” little do you realize you paid for it through higher taxes. Support independent and smaller retails. It may cost more…..but in the long run you will save more.

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